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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Am I Here?

This blog is odd, I know.
It started because my house caught on fire, and instead of wringing my hands,
The Readhead picked up a sledgehammer and took out charred walls.
We all have the power to get back up and start over.
This collection of 2000 posts is dedicated to every one of my Besties who has ever looked
at a hot mess in her life and said, "How the @#$% am I going to do that???"
Need to refinish something?
Decorate on a dime?
Reupholster something you dragged out of the trash?
Install a toilet?
Patch a hole?
Sew a gift?
Grow food for free?
Frame, drywall, and tile a room, then put in the floors???
Girls, I've got your backs.
Go to the little blank space on the right that says, "Where Did I See That?"
Type in what you'd like to try your hand at.
Or what's spewing various liquids all over your house.
We have the power to fix, replace, repair, and upcycle anything.


Unknown said...

Thank you for all that you do!

Michelle L. said...

2K posts??? You are amazing, and such a ball of redheaded fire that nothing stands in your way or daunts you. Go Sunny!

Kay said...

I love you! You are creative, hard-working, unafraid - you got STONES, lady!! And I have learned a lot from this blog.