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Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Savannah!

Guess who's 19 today?!?!
 One Savannah Pritchard-Torres, the Littlest Minion!
We went from this tiny dumpling to an amazing young woman.
Born at home, she was 9 pounds and 14 ounces of feisty
little girl who made sure I didn't forget she was in the house,
no matter how distracting her active toddler brothers were.
From the beginning, she and her brothers were inseparable.
They did everything together, slept in a heap, and looked out for each other
with a ferocity that still surprises me.
 The baby grew into a beautiful princess...
 ...we're just trying to figure out what planet she's from.
No, it's not a costume.
When you have me as a mother, childhood can be...unusual.
 [Real tiger and monkey]
 As can family portraits.
(You have your Christmas elves, I have mine.)
 But there were the normal milestones... some beyond normal accomplishments... having your Associates Degree at 18...
 ...moving into your own place...
...decorating your space in classic style...
...and growing into a stunning woman.
I love you, Kitten, and I'm endlessly proud.


Julie-Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Savannah. Congratulations Mom on raising and nurturing such an amazing family!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

A very Happy Birthday to an amazing young woman.

R.M. Jackson said...

That tiger seemed to be in shock... the poor thing. LOL!

Happy Birthday, Savannah! *waves from the sunny isle*

Michelle L. said...

Happy birthday, young Jedi!