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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How NOT to Have Paint All Over the Floor

Greetings, Punch List Fans!
We're humming along here at LIR!
I'm humming along with Robin Thicke, which Minion #3 says
is politically incorrect, but hey, it's catchy,
and this is not the most politically correct blog on the planet, let's be honest.
Besides, I AM an animal, and it IS in my nature, so there.
But I digress.
Yes, paint, that's what this post is about.
I'm not gonna lie to you, I may or may not have been sniffing the stuff.
Sure it's low VOC; I'm just highly suggestible.
But that's not what fueled my color choices for the beach house.
 Mom's possessions did. And she doesn't even realize it.
 This was all in storage.
Yeah, I'm THAT good.
 The Crazy Redhead isn't completely out of her mind.
 Even her floral slipcovers (which have gottagottagotta go)
look perfect with the blue.
 We're just going to give her a fresher, less grandmotherly look.
 I can't do a damned thing about this though.
My skills have limits.
 And that dark blue in the master bedroom?
Just you wait.
 Now, you may have noticed during all of the drywall sanding...
 ...and painting that the floors are not protected.
Why, you ask?
We have ways of painting that don't involve drop cloths and tape.
 Method Number One!
The Minions have slopped a little paint onto the floor.
What do you do?
 Allow it to dry.
Probably because you didn't see it immediately.
 Use your fingernail or a plastic putty knife to pop it right up.
 My preferred way?
Don't get paint on the floor.
 Method Number Two!
You have dribbled a few drops on the bamboo.
What do you do?
 Keep a damp paper towel handy and just mop it up.
 Easy enough, right?
I see a little Minion has been here.
Method Number Three!
 Now, if you want to just avoid clean up altogether, my real life BFF
Michael Reilly suggests a scrap of heavy paper or a piece of cardboard.
He wedges that under or against the baseboard and just moves it along as he goes.
Slick, huh?
 That's what's going on inside.
Outside, Mark is making forms for the concrete footings that will support
Mom's handicap ramp.
 Each 16x16 box is reinforced and reusable.
This is good because an extensive deck is planned for the backyard.
 I want her to have an accessible garden.
 So these are stacking up.
And he's being mercilessly heckled.
Gotta love the neighbors.

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