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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Before and Afters: The Living Space

Morning, Besties!
I know it's early, but it's time to pop the cork on a bottle of
the official wine of Life in Rehab, pour ourselves a glass, kick back,
and look at some Before and Afters while all muttering,
Because nothing else quite describes the way this house looked when we got
our unmanicured little paws on it.
Enter, if you dare!
 Heavy cedar compartmentalized the place into dark, tiny spaces.
 Barely working doors helped with the cramped effect.
 Shaky staircases to shakier floors added an element of danger.
 Room dividers that merely separated rooms yet served no purpose were abundant.
 I mean it.
 They were all over the place.
But where else would you store your Funk and Wagnall Encyclopedias?
 Nothing like slats a child can crawl through 12 feet above ground, eh?
 And check out that flooring!
 Yes, this little dream of a house was only missing one thing...
(Our first contractor)

Of course, we got to work.
 It's kind of what we do.

 And then we cleared Mom out for over 4 months.
 Now come on back in.

I'm in the middle of unpacking her again.
She saw the place yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks...
and she LOVED it!


Unknown said...

so knew she would love it :D how could she not? You all, have done an amazing job, bravo! clap clap clappity clap!

Joy said...


Unknown said...