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Friday, September 20, 2013

Even I'm Bored

 Even I'm getting bored with this project.
It's like the War and Peace of renovations.
 I'm sanding and painting closets.
Like you need to see that again.
 I'm sneezing up white powder, while the real fun is happening outside.
 Yep, Mark's got a jackhammer.
 He's breaking up parts of the old slab to pur new footings.
 To save money on concrete, he's slicing this up like
a very hard, inedible cake.
You know, the kind I post recipes of.
 He's very precise too.
 Will he let me play with the 45 pound piece of intriguing toy?
I'm too flippin' delicate or something.
 During all of this destruction...
 ...the pavers were carefully removed and salvaged,
also to save money.

 We set them aside and then moved them to the safety of the patio.
I'm not too delicate for that task.
 So he gets the cool tools, and I get the menial jobs.
That's okay, payback can get ugly when you're working with a crafty blogger.
Enjoy your evening walk, Buddy.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

That jackhammer ways like 1/2 as much as you... I think you'd just bounce up and down on it like an electric pogo stick if you tried!!! LOL.

Michelle L. said...

No, you are not bored, just thinking up new devilry. Those pavers are going to be great in some other project, glad they were saveable! Love the glow eyes...