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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where Are We?

 I'm testing the limits of my claustrophobia and fear of heights painting
and patching closets with
12 foot high ceilings.
What maniacal 1970's architect thought that was a good use of space???
But while dizzying, tight spaces is my thing, Mark on the other hand... in the great outdoors digging round holes.
Why, you eagerly ask before hopping over to a blog with a project you
could actually accomplish today instead of reading
our insane construction exploits???
Those big cardboard tubes on the left are concrete forms.
Mark has them level in the ground to determine how high they need to be.
 At which point, The Shirtless Wonder
(can't do a thing about it, Girls, he doesn't listen to me
about blog etiquette)...
 ...marks and saws them to size.
In his defense, it's 91 degrees today in the tropical sun.

 While all that was happening, the closet's done
 These are then firmly wiggled into place and leveled.
The boxes got a little bed of broken concrete as filler.
 Basically, we're ready for the foundation inspection today.
 The leftover concrete chunks will get recycled in the backyard
as garden border.
 You can see how precise Mark's jackhammer surgery was.
 So while the ducks enjoy the delicious insects disturbed
by all this incessant activity...
...The Redhead and her Zebra Print Wayfarers have something
far more entertaining to tackle!

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