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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part 34!

Well hi there!
 Our remodel is coming right along, and the really cool stuff, like tile and 
custom paint tricks, are starting to happen.
But let's face it, what room embodies the idea of the home?
The kitchen.
And ours has come a long, long way. 
Those of you just joining us, we'd like to show you where we started with this makeover...
One dark, dated cooking hole.
Can you believe they had wasted space in this tiny galley by wedging
the washer and dryer in here?
There were no light fixtures, unless you count the Halloween spider web.
(This photo was taken in February, by the way, not October.)
And not a single drawer in the whole room.
Mismatched tile was strewn about.
 I'm all for salvaging and redoing, but let's face it,
there's was only one thing we could do.
 New walls, new flooring, electrical brought up to code,
a splash of cool, beachy blue, and white like waves crashing on the shore
made this a lighter, larger space.
 But it did not come without great personal sacrifice.
 Fortunately, Momma still has a first aid kit at all times and kisses boo boos.
Here at
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
we're willing to risk great personal injury for your gain.
 Since the cabinets are up, let's get some doors on them, shall we?
 Meet my little friends, the hinges.
 These are safety hinges that don't slam.
They have a very solid construction, tested and guaranteed to hold up to
a parade of children and an indecisive spouse,
not to mention your in-laws scrutinizing your economy-minded choice.
The first thing you're going to do, ironically, is pull them apart!
 The "female" half goes in the housing inside the cabinet.
Choose which way you want the door to swing open and install a pair
on that side of the cabinet box.
 The "male" pair of ends gets screwed into the cabinet door.
We chose all glass cabinet fronts for several reasons:
1. The disabled homeowner will not be using the upper cabinets daily,
so these will be largely for display of her treasured glassware.
2. We can add lights to the inside of the cabinets to further brighten the room.
3. This will add a more cottage-y feel to the 1978 condo.
 Slide the male end of the hinge into the female.
 Insert the screw that holds the two together and tighten it slightly.
 If it's a double cabinet, check the alignment on the center bottom.
Not a problem.
 Just tighten the low hanging one.
 ...not quite...
 Go for perfection.
 There we go.
 Yeah, that's it.
Mystery solved.
So far this is pretty simple, huh?
 The good news?
It doesn't get any harder.
 Whether you're ready for a new kitchen, or you've always wanted a snack center
in the family room, this is something you can tackle.
Check out the IKEA site for prices and planning.
We used AKURUM cabinet boxes and STAT doors and drawer fronts,
but there are tons of combinations to fit your budget.
Make sure you call IKEA to help you with your planning.
At the end of the kitchen install, we'll recount the problems we've had so you can avoid them.
 Tomorrow, let's get some lower cabinets done, shall we?
Bring Bactine.
No, we're just clumsy.


Joy said...

I'm enjoying your step by step photos and instructions. We've just nearly finished our kitchen re-do (mostly my husband's work, I only know how to paint and help demolish). He's done the electrical, plumbing, flooring, glass tile back splash, cabinets--well, you name it. Just a few details left to do and wow, what a blessing and luxury a nice kitchen is. Yours is looking great. Pretty cabinets, nice wall color. So great to let in more light.

Susan said...

LOVE the cabinets, they look so light and airy with the glass fronts!! Are you going to paper or paint the backs to help the glassware on display pop?

LOL- my capcha was restoration ulthbeg

Life in Rehab said...

Spoilers! Spoilers! YES, Susan, we have some paper picked out for the inside, you decorating Diva you!