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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part...I Lost Count!

Think this is taking forever?
 How do you think we feel???
This is like the Ben Hur of remodels, although we're moving at light speed.
Today, we're picking up cabinets, so stay tuned for the kitchen posts!
For now, can we finish the painting???
 We were looking at Azure Jazz for the office space.
 And of course, I got a sample to try it out, because here at
 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
we're as wary of commitment as a gazelle on the Savannah.
 Here's the space in question.
 It's off to the side, adjoining the dining and living rooms, with french doors to the patio.
 With an open feeling, it's a great opportunity to go bold and daring.
 After looking at the swatch on the wall fade to bland, we knew I was right.
 So up went the color daring.
 My mother saw it, and down went my idea, in flames.
I think you'll be surprised at what she DID choose though.
But anyway, roll out the brown paper and tape it down.
We have a tip or two.
 This is an angled brush.
 A good quality one will save you a ton of time in the cutting in department.
You'll notice I don't use painter's tape.
That's right.
I'm a badass.
A rock star.
I'm...really, really just that cheap.
 So how does one cut THIS close?
 With edges this sharp?
 Get your paint.
 Let's chat.
First, load just the tips of the paint brush liberally.
With the tips close to the target, drag the brush, getting closer to the edge,
in the direction of the angle.
Swoop up at the end.
It saves time and money over taping, and it's easy, trust me.
 Let's talk about doorways.
If the rooms on either side are different colors,
what do you paint the transition?
 Always look at the most logical point of approach.
If you will see the surface from the door, paint it to match the room.
 And if you can reach a ceiling, it's a 5th wall.
Paint to match the others.
This tint slice of hallway feels included with the matching hue.
Have I rambled enough?
Let's go CAD a kitchen!

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love that seaglass-y blue and totally agree that you guys are powering through this remodel like superstars!!