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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part 39!

A couple days a go, a big delivery truck from Lowes pulled up,
and you know what that means, Besties...
The new appliances are here!
That means that
 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
is about to wrap up the kitchen segment!
We picked out the fridge before we started the framing, so the niche was built
specifically for it.
There's a little space on each side to slip in a broom so it's handy,
and clearance on top for storage.
We're also proud to reveal...
...the new dishwasher!
It's a smaller 24" wide model that's almost silent.
One person does not generate a lot of dishes.
In fact, she'll probably use...
...the hand wash method!
  I picked up the stainless steel sink as well.
 Our choice was the BOHOLMEN double sink with a built in drainboard,
which will making soaping up a couple of plates convenient.
The disposal will be installed in the small sink, and we're going to make a
cutting board to fit the larger sink, making this
a simple prep area for my mother.
She'll be able to open the base doors and get her wheelchair in close.
What are we making the cutting board out of?
I'm glad you asked that...
 We brought home the NUMERAR countertop in Beech.
Mom was originally looking at a composite material, which I
talked her out of while staying close to budget.
This is a solid material butcher block counter that can be sanded
in case of accident.
I despise laminate.
I also hated the thought of $5000 for granite.
The entire galley counter only cost $300, and the sandy color will look great with the theme, not
to mention the bamboo floors, and it will really set off the backsplash.
Wait, what backsplash, you ask?
May I present to you our final choice for backsplash!
These 12x12" sheets of tile mosaic are a mix of clear glass
and white marble.
At only $4.98 a sheet, the full 37.5 square feet of wall will be under $200!
This is available at Lowes if you're drooling.
All this means we're within a week of the reveal!
With the reveal will come the final price tag, and I think you'll be impressed!
This is why we DIY, isn't it?
And I have a couple of little surprises planned for Mom that she's not aware of.
She's figured out how to find my blog, so no blabbing!


Joy said...

Sunny, it is turning out just BEAUTIFUL! The wall color is so pretty, love the white cabinets---so clean looking. I know everyone is excited to see it to completion. Great job!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

This is coming together should be very proud of yourselves, what a lovely home you have created for her.