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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going Shopping

 There is plotting afoot.
We're getting closer to "done" in the project condo,
and there are decorative touches now under consideration.
Ya'll remember the look we were going for, right?
I grew up in a beach house in Coastal North Carolina on an island.
Mom has collected tons of nautical things in her life, but they tended to be a little darker,
more Early American.
A lot are out-and-out antiques.
We want to incorporate these while taking her palette in a fresher, lighter direction.
I went on a fishing expedition at Pottery Barn.
They have a great way of mixing traditional looks with modern accents.
This display is a perfect play of texture and natural elements,
nicely contained and made practical with candles.
I'm sorry, but candles aren't a luxury, they're a right.
I may have to hack these for myself.
This adds drama, height, and color to the look,
and I've done enough projects like this on the blog to know you can
cobble something comparable from Dollar Tree and discount store finds.
Arrangements like this are great for limited spaces.
They keep a sleek profile in spots like a small vanity,
and spilling boughs of flowers won't get snagged on the handles of a pivoting wheelchair.
Something this size is a definite Dollar Tree doable, and it could add
an accent just about anywhere, or trail down the dining table in a neat row.
Silver shells are still hot.
The first time I spotted some, I got queasy at the price tags
and grabbed the spray paint.
A Dollar Tree bag of shells or rocks can add a whole
lot of sparkle with a little Rustoleum Chrome.
We'll have more inspiration with some Seaside Porn on Tuesday.
Monday is your tiling Tutorial, and have I got a time saving trick for YOU!
That reminds me, I need grout!
Headed for Home Depot and Lowes.
If not back, avenge death.

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