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Monday, June 10, 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask Part 28!

Okay, I'm still painting.
There are a LOT of walls in this place, and a lot of colors.
We're hoping you don't get bored while this is going on,
because we have some good stuff coming up in
 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hard Core Remodeling but Were Afraid to Ask!
There's nothing exciting about sweeping the sanded mudding dust off the walls.
Well this is just scary.
So why don't we share a quick little trick while we slap some paint up in the bathrooms?
This, by the way, is a special choice.

I went with a high gloss exterior grade formula.
The glossy finish will bounce light around the small, dark bathrooms, amplifying it.
And since this paint is made to withstand outdoor conditions,
it should perform beautifully in a damp environment.
But on to our trick of the day.
You know how paint pools in that groove on the rim, making the lid stick?
Open your paint can and grab a nail.
Place the nail over the groove.
Pound it through at several points.

Twist a little to make the holes fairly wide.
You now have drainage!
When you clean that brush before you slather, there won't be a mess.
Cool and cheap, huh?
Now, let's get busy.
I'm doing a sightly darker color in the tub/shower stall to define it.
To determine exactly what that area should be,
Mark snapped a chalk line from the shower head
(or rather, where the shower head will be.)
This is a halfway point.
If we measure from that to the wall, we'll get the distance we need to measure in the other direction.
In other words, if it's 15" from the chalk to the wall,
measure 15" the other way too.
Mark the wall, use a level to run painter's tape vertically, and paint!
30" from the corner on the other side, we did the same thing.
(NOT the permanent lighting choice.)
Draw a pencil line.
Add the tape.
Paint away!
I'm picking up tile today, and I think you'll like
my latest cheap trick to make plain tile sparkle on a budget.


Susan said...

I love freshly painted walls but loathe painting so I don't envy you guys! As a reader though, watching it all come together without having to lift a finger has been an absolute blast!!

Shelley said...

Love that tip! I have tried adding approx a tblspn of vanilla to the paint and stir..helps with the paint fumes