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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stitching Heartstrings

That's right, it's me, Little Guy.
I'm the feral one of the bunch, untamed, unruly.
You may have never seen me before.
I definitely do not wear Santa hats.
I do however enjoy a good open can, and the Redhead With Thumbs is my hero in that respect.
She has been busy lately with Valentine's Day projects,
but not so busy that my Seaside Super Supper is forgotten.
For this, I do introduction to the first
Love at Rehab post.
 Get ready to craft.
We're going to do this project in two parts.
Well, it does take some time, and I want you to be able to get started.
Oh, right, and I only have the first part done.
For this project, which makes a fabulous Valentine's Day gift for the grandparents, or for a newish mom, you will need:
Children. Preferably your own. The law frowns on "surprise adoptions"
The cast off clothes of said children, still in adorable condition.
Background fabric.
Needle and coordinating thread.

And yes, that IS Savannah, don't let the lack of chains and skulls throw you.
 Wash all little outfits and fabric. Iron these items if you really have to and are mildly masochistic.
 Cut the background fabric to suit the size of the frocks. My squares are 18".
Pin the little outfits down, and don't forget to include the accessories.
 Using needle and thread, stitch the clothes to the background.
This is easy.
I used tiny stitches all around the perimeters of each piece to make them secure.
 Vary your layouts for interest.

 See how small and nearly invisible?
 Hats and bows are great touches.
Don't be intimidated. If a whole throw is too much for you, just do one outfit as a pillow.

We'll finish this up in a couple of days.
This is still stash busting, so I'm using things I have on hand, right down to fabric that I used to make curtains for Savannah's room as a toddler.
Basically, this gift for my mother will cost me nada.
Now get busy.
Can you believe she once wore pink?


Musings from Kim K. said...

That's a precious project. I love seeing all those darling outfits. Time flies, doesn't it!! Simply sweet.

tearinguphouses said...

ohmygosh. that second little outfit with the daisies? so cute.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

She looks so much like you in that photo! Too cute!! Love all the itty bitty pink outfits!!!!