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Friday, February 10, 2012

Branching Out Romantically

 Ready for some drama for under $10?
So was I.
This trick won't just make Valentine's Day shine, but it'll last through Mardi Gras and Easter in
one fell swoop.
Not to mention, I got the yard cleaned up in the bargain.
Send the kids outside to gather up some interesting branches.
You can leave them natural or give them a couple of coats of color.
I went with Rustoleum Gloss Black to match yesterday's wreath project.
You'll also need:
Craft wire
Wired garland
Heart ornaments. 
Mine are from Joanns, 10 for $2.99, and they were 60% off of that
Feel free to call me cheap.
I have small nails in the molding at the top of my hutch.
Using the craft wire, arrange the branches, securing them as you go.
 Overlap them, inserting smaller branches in the larger clusters for fullness and interest.
 Twist the wired garland through for a little sparkle.
You can't mess this up.
 These are the ornaments I used, shiny red embossed foil on bow trimmed ribbons.
 Hang your hearts.
 That's it.
 The photos don't do the effect justice. The Minions were delighted.
My mother was horrified, which was the true measure of success.
We have a few other little touches to play with, but this was the main piece to give the whole room a little shine. It's also up out of the way, so it's safe from kids and felines.
Much to their dismay.

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