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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well since last weekend, I've had issues with the Blogger photo loader.
I can't load an entire file at once.
 In fact, it takes multiple attempts to load one photo.
As frustrating as that has been, Thom did something on my laptop yesterday,
and now I can't get our latest project into a file.
At all.
I need coffee.
Is there room service at this resort?
I'm not going to freak or panic, but I AM going to share
my latest collection of Havens with you while I try to figure this mess out.
Grab some morning beverage and come along for the trip.


Sherri B. said...

I normally use Internet Explorer but when I have any kind of problem when doing a post, I will open a new tab and then go to Mozilla Firefox and then to my edit section and do whatever needs to be done there on the post I am working on...I guess it could be done with Chrome too. It works for me everytime, I don't know why and I don't care..Good luck! xo

MJ said...

Nice post! Well, not so much the problems you seem to be having with the internet, but the pics posted are greast! My fav is of course the purple house :) I imagine a bit soft purple sofa inside and a red velvet cupcake :) Ah bliss :) Enjoy your resort!!

Michelle L. said...

Sa-woooon! Again with the havens? You know you're making me crazy. I so want to have a bed swinging from ropes.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Gosh...I didn't even know you could download entire files, so that's how people do posts with lots of photos. Hope you get the problem solved soon, nothing is more fustrating than blogger or computer problems.

machen und tun said...

wow, there are some really nice pics in your post.. where can i find the original posts/credits? thanks for an info, Claudia

Heather said...

I actually used to live just a few blocks from the Winchester Mystery House (6th pic down from top). You should see the inside!

These pictures are making me want to just get in the car and drive until I find a resort with those gorgeous beaches and crystal clear water. Problem is, I would never want come home...