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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a lot of things planned for the house this year, and to glean inspiration, I've been surfing porn.
The kind of stuff that makes you hot and sweaty.
 You look in private, embarrassed to let others see what turns you on.
You try to hide it, but it sits in a file on your desktop, tempting you to gaze and drool.
Eventually, someone finds out how depraved you are.
So I'm just going to come clean and share with you guys . PORN!
I've amassed several collections of ideas that turn me on.
Some are pure fantasy, some are impractical, some are physically impossible.
Some are silly to even consider at my age.
And some could lead to love.
I'm a dreamer though, so let's go peruse the first of Rehab's new series:
Pornography at Home.
Bathroom Edition.
I feel like such a bad girl.

 So what has you panting?


Gilly Lilly said...

You are not alone... just see Pinterest!

Dharma said...

Testify, sister! Love these images, but the bicycle one just left me breathless.

MJ said...

I'm in love with the purple bathroom, so lovely!!! :)

emilysnan said...

lol you had me at pornography i thought i was alone ;) omg that purple bath , the rain shower and that bath with steps to heaven is pure design porn alright tfs and for the smiles you bring to my face too x

Kim K. said...

Simply fabulous. That bicycle one is pure genius. Two years ago we finished our dream bathroom downstairs near my hubby's mancave. Heated floor, jet tub, stone floor in the shower with two shower heads. We need to save up again. I'd love to do something equally fabulous in my own bathroom. I'm thinking chandeliers. said...

That bike sink!! Wow!! Love it all!!!