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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Second Day of Catmas

 Oh, the photo shoot for Day 2 went so much more smoothly.
 No first aid was needed at all.
 Okay, maybe not for the cat.
 There may have been a little bloodshed right around this point.

 But who could blame her?
 Now, for a handy little present that will cost you time and little else, you'll need:
Scraps of muslin
Fleece of your choice
A little velcro
Raw rice
Implements of sewing destruction
 Pick a fleece sample that suits your intended victim recipient.
 Cut a 3" by 8" rectangle out of muslin.
 This is a great beginner project.
 Fold it in half and pin.
 Sew the 4"-ish sides together.
 Turn the pouch right side out.
 Complicated so far, huh?
 Now nab your rice.
Loosely stuff the pouch.
Fold the raw edges in and pin.
 Stitch the opening shut.
 Take the fleece and repeat the steps to make an open pouch.
 We're going to close the opening with velcro.

 Fold the raw edge

 Nice and neat.
Stuff the muslin pouch with rice into the fleece and seal it.
Now, before you leave the house on a cold morning, microwave this little thing for a minute
and drop one in each jacket pocket or in your mittens.
The rice will stay warm for about a half hour.
The cover is washable in case of sticky hands, it's reusable,
and my children were the envy of the Florida crowd last year.
Hey, we aren't usually prepared for cold weather.
Now all of their friends will be, and for just pennies per gift.


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

This is a great idea. The kind that makes me say "duh!" :) I'm thinking I should make a really long one that I can put around my neck when I get cold in my house. Since you know, I don't like to spend money on things like heat.

Jen ( said...

What a gorgeous cat! I think she needs to visit. :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

We have a popcorn pillow that the girls microwave and sleep with. I'm totally loving the rice sized pillow for their winter pockets. Very cool. Christmas hugs to cat model #2!

Michelle L. said...

Mew! Me likee this little idea! Even I might be able to sew some!

Christina @ The Scrappy Housewife said...

I was wondering how to make those. I have plenty of scraps I could use. Thanks for the idea!