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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ghost of Non-Denominational, Non-Specific Holiday Gift Giving Past II

The Ghost of Non-Denominational, Non-Specific Holiday Gift Giving Past is back to bring you an assortment of gift making ideas from last year to jump start your creativity.
We're all a tad light in the wallet, right?
Not to worry, we have some spectacular adequate lame ideas that will keep you from showing up empty handed, no matter what your budget.
 Wreaths are always welcome, and an easy one that assembles in minutes
in any colors you want is even better. Show up with our Peacock Wreath in hand and you may be excused from tasting the fruitcake.
 Are you looking for a fun gift for the grandparents?
Raid Goodwill or your neighborhood yard sale and have the munchkins 
sketch faces for Snowman Lanterns.
Then watch the kids sigh with embarrassment as these are dragged back out year after year.
 Gifts for a mob in no time at all?
How about a Layered Bean Soup Mix that's almost too pretty to open?
Bonus: it's a family project that will have you all working together for an evening.
Lastly, we have a free recycled offering that makes a good gift by itself, but they also 
can be used as filler when you ship out your boxes.
Twist up dozens of these Fire Starters in no time and enjoy
the fuzzy feeling you get from reusing something you'd usually toss out.

Making your shopping list for the weekend projects yet? 
Me too! Let's get busy!

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Musings from Kim K. said...

You certainly did some fantastic projects.