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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let It Snow Fake

You all know me; the only cold, fluffy stuff I like belongs in a margarita glass.
 I cannot, however, deny the appeal of a snowflake.
In fact, each Christmas Savannah gets a piece of snowflake jewelry from me to signify that
I think she's one of a kind and unique.
This year, we decided to incorporate these lacy jewels into our decor.
 Starting with balsa wood shapes from the craft store, we gave each flake a coat of homemade decoupage medium.
They then got a shake of either white or silver glitter for just a subtle shimmer.
 We strung these together with clear filament and set them aside to dry.
 Meanwhile, Thom took white and silver ornaments from the Dollar Tree and hung them randomly on the giant aqua mirror, doubling the effect.

 We filled our largest bell jar with snowflake lights and natural pine cones.
My spray paint finger was itching to douse those babies in chrome, 
but the Minions talked me out of it.
 This provides soft lighting in the dining room.
 Since the lights are LED, they stay cool and don't present a fire hazard.
 You know how we feel about fires around here, right?
 Here's my unique little flake.
 As for the larger snowflakes, once those were dry we hung them at varying heights in the living room windows.

 There's just a little shine to catch the muted sunlight during the day and the candlelight at night.

 And to tie in the wild colors that are the norm in our home, we filled apothecary jars and vases with glittered vase filler in our favorite Ringling Brothers green.
 Just in case it's your first time here, I generally decorate for the seasons and holidays in colors we already use.
 Not, I'll need to find a Minion who is still allowed to use sharp objects to trim the fishing line, but I think we're done here.
Oh. and just to assure you that I'm on the road to recovery, here's my smiling face.
Please note: I'm 25 pounds lighter!
This diet is not recommended, mind you, but hey,
having to safety pin your leggings is always a silver lining, right?


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Hooray for your smiling face!! And if you're stuck with a 25 pound loss, well . . . might as well revel in it, right? :)

Love that you're embracing snowflakes this year . . think I like the balsa wood snowflakes the best - didn't know you could get them at the craft store. Noted to self.

Dharma said...

There's that smiling flake......I mean *face*. Looking good girl, and the decor is lovely too! I dig the "Ringling Bros" green myself.

Mrs BC said...

Your snowflakes are beautiful but I am in love with the Ringling Bros Green! Love, I tell you!
Congrats on the weightloss :)

lisbonlioness said...

Nothing wrong with silver linings, but you better tuck in at that Christmas Dinner, my girl. Try and keep the glitter out of the kitchen, I heard that the human body can't digest it. But then again, at least we'll make pretty stiffs in the morgue! <3 Seriously, lass, pack on some pounds over the holidays, I loved your full- cheeked smile!

lisbonlioness said...

Complete dimwit that I am, I forgot to tell you how much I love that whole snowflake jewellery thing. It's a beautiful tradition.