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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catmas Closure

The Twelve Days of Catmas were over too quickly.
The reason of course was that I felt sickly.
I heard wails of disdain as you bemoaned your plight,
And so we set forth to make the omission right.
We gathered our cats, a camera, and Bactine
Then plotted to finish our holiday scheme.
 So without further adieu, for your consideration
We'd like to present our Feline Overlord Nation.
The Clowder was skittish, but still we persisted
Undaunted as angry sprays of blood misted.
A CSI team couldn't unravel this mess.
Subsequent backup proved to be just a pest.
 Spirits floundered, the attitude was shocking
Until they were reminded of the treats in their stocking.
We tried oh so hard, but we were weary
 So tired in fact that the pictures were even blurry.
 It was then they decided just to torture the pups.
 Merry Christmas to all. We're giving up.


Bargainshopmom said...

I love Catmas (and the year-round feline overlord pics). The photos made me smile every day this year and this poem is perfection. Thank you!!!

Michelle L. said...

Heeeeee! The Bactine in this poem sent me into ridiculous giggles! Happy end of Catmas to everyone in your house, Sunny - two legs, four legs and wheels!