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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Time We Just Admit It

 It's the last day to enter our CSN GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm a horrible, horrible person.
No no, it's true.
Wait, what do you mean you're agreeing with me?
This is about:
Blog Awards.

I got so nuts beginning last Fall creating new decorations to replace our charred and melted ones that I didn't accept a single award I was given.
How many are we talking? 3? 7?
How about 14?
This is way beyond torching sheep.
This is blogging
Not to mention that to properly accept all of these, I'll need 98 things no one knows about me and I'll be nominating 210 other blogs for the awards!
Who was kind enough to do this and not beat me over the head for the lack of courtesy?

TRU at TRU TALES FEATS gave me the Stylish Blogger Award yesterday. So did CAROL at The Antique Texan. That's not bad. I could still accept those and save face. Right?

Back on the 15th, VAGABOND CARNIVAL gave me both
Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award. At this point, we're on shaky ground in the etiquette department.

Allison at
graced me with The Stylish Blogger Award somewhere around the 5th.
Now I'm just plain rude at this point.

Beth from WICCAN MAKE SOME TOO graced me with The Stylish Blogger Award on November 30th. For someone seemingly so stylish, I have the manners of a wildebeest. Which is an insult to wildebeests.

No, that isn't all. It gets worse.

Andrea at KEEPIN IT THRIFTY also gave me The Stylish Blogger Award.
On November 25th.
Break out the floggers.

Tana at LITTLE BIRDSEEDS mixed it up by bestowing the Happy 101 Award on my unworthy head, which I now hang in shame. This was on October 12th.

WHERE BEAUTY MEETS FUNCTION is written by Erin, and for some reason she thought I'd be gracious and accept The Life is Good Award in a timely manner. That was on October 11th.
Timely isn't the word to use here.

The Happy 101 Award was also given to me by Amy at CRAZY CRAFT BUGS.
October 6th is the date of that transgression.
10 of you just unfollowed me in disgust, didn't you?

Allison at IT'S TOILE GOOD also gave me the Versatile Blogger Award back on September 27th.
The second award she gave me shows blind faith that I can still be saved, doesn't it?
I'm afraid I'm hopeless.

Aubrey, the author of TRANSFORMED, gave me
A Blog with Substance Award! on September 26th.
Aubrey, feel free to give me the Shallow Ungrateful Blogger Award next.

And last (I hope. Did I miss anyone that I have wronged grievously?) but not least, way back on September 24th, 3 GIGGLY MONSTERS gave me the One Lovely Blog Award.
There must not be an Insidiously Thoughtless Blog Award, huh?

Hello, my name is Sunny, and I'm a bad blogger.

I also owe Michelle a shipment of bad 80's jewelry. She sent me her random unused craft supplies months ago for a mutual blog challenge.
The challenge is getting me to the post office.

And in the back of my Alien Green Kia Soul is a box filled with cupcake patterned fleece for Marijke because Joann's wouldn't ship to Great Britain and she thought she could trust me to play middle man with the supplies for her new warm winter robe.
You, my friend, are a fool.

Does it help that I'm sorry and ashamed?
So with all that being said, I am now taking suggestions for atonement.
Any and all input is welcome.

The two shipping issues are a no brainer, I know, and I pledge that the first thing I post Monday morning will be, "Michelle and Marijke's packages are in the mail!"
As for the blog awards issue, help me out here people.
Do I do a mega post? 14 individual posts?
Or would you prefer an pound of flesh? (I have some to spare.)
G'head, debase me.


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Off to the stocks at the RenFaire for ye!!

. said...

You are forgiven Sunny! LOL

Honestly, the few times I've received an award, I'm so happy to post it and move it off my 'to do' list...I'd never once think to come back and check to see if you did yours. ;)

Sherri B. said...

You are a very Good person...You have had a lot on your plate for awhile and you are a good wife, mom and daughter. With all that's going on it is amazing you squeeze in anything..I'm pretty sure I can speak for us all on that.
With that said....Congratulations on all those great awards and have fun this weekend!

Unknown said...

If it were me, I'd still be lazy. Take one megapost, but only nominate a few blogs (like 15) and provide each of them with one or more awards. Something like: To the Ugly Duckling House (wink, shameless plug), I give the Stylish Blogger, Happy 101, and One Lovely Blogger Award.

I think bending the rules is fun. And I'm pretty sure people are grateful enough to just get the award itself that they don't consider you selfish at all... or they wouldn't have awarded you in the first place! Congrats on all of your awards!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I don't think you should worry about have had enough to do and just posting this is enough recompense. Bloggin shouldn't be work, it should be fun(-: Have a great day!

Vonda said...

"You Very Bad Lady" (quote from some movie, but unlike my husband, I never remember from which movie the cometh).
HA, consider this post, which had to take a lot of effort to look up all of those awards and dates and site links your penance.
Oh, and be thankful I looked at Carol's list before I wrote my post. Otherwise, you'd have another award to add to that!!

Tru said...

I'm with Sarah, one megapost giving 3-5 for each award you had gotten should be sufficient. There shouldn't be that many, 'cause there were duplicates. Me, I couldn't wait to do it, 'cause that was my VERY FIRST and probably only award! Have a great day, Sunny!

Michelle L. said...

Heehaha! Much loling! You ungrateful wildebeast, you. I hereby declare you have accepted all these awards with this one hysterical post. And if my inner Jewish Guilting Robot has made you feel bad about not sending me the swappage, I am sorry! Honestly and truly, just send me something whenever. Or never. I still love ya!

MJ said...

Hiya!!! Popping in as requested ;) Of course am still talking to you, not to worry :) Will eagerly await the mail and hopefully I will have ordered enough fabric to make my bath robe hihi!

Carol said...

I have decided that you shall be forgiven with one mega post that includes 10 things about you that we don't already know and nominate your fave 15 blogs.

A trip to Texas and/or post about the dogs you have been hiding could count as extra credit... because Captain Carol said so. : )

Captain Carol

Vagabond Carnival said...

I suppose I can continue to speak to you... ;) But that's just cause I wuv you. That's right, wuv.

Honestly, I nominated you because your blog is fabulous and I wanted to share it with other people. Whether or not you wanted to accept/participate I left up to you. I know you're busy with rehabbing, crafting, setting things on fire, taking minions to hospitals, Real Life Stuff (tm).

But groveling works too.


Aubrey said...

You crack me up!

Beth@Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Check your email Sunny cause I have given you your own special award for all of this! As for no longer talking to you.....nice try but you cannot get rid of me THAT easy! lol