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Friday, January 14, 2011

Cool Holiday Swag

Okay, so we all know I got my favorite chick flick pack for Christmas-
yep, the oldest son bought me the Die Hard boxed set.
The boy is GOOD.
But some more feminine goodies were also procured.
Wanna see?
Savannah is always up for a trip to Goodwill, and this last one brought me together with a sweet little glass bell jar for only $0.99! The pedestal was made from a Dollar Tree dessert plate and bowl.

 The shell is of course just spray painted silver.
A few months back, I rambled about my love of THESE NESTS. Well, Vicki, the lovely proprietress of 2 BAGS FULL also has an ETSY SHOP, and I have a paypal account. One thing led to another...
...and I bought myself a totally frivolous birthday gift. It was worth every glorious penny.
She uses countless material for each one.
I filled mine with silver shells for a touch of whimsy and set it on a small silver pedestal snagged for $2 on that Goodwill trip.

The photos really don't do it justice. Even Sam marveled over it.
I popped it in a birdcage to stage it, and also to deter marauding paws.

That's for those of you who were starting to wonder if I had a girly side.
Now I happen to love some bling, but I'm not big on costume pieces. I love gold, and if the design is right, sterling silver. I found another great Etsy Shop over at THE HAND ME DOWN HOUSE and started plotting how to hint.
After being married for 20 years, I know that the best way to hint is to shoot the man a specific link. Period. No coy, cute stuff. 
Surprises aren't always good. 
He does the same for me.
THE VILLAGE BOUTIQUE makes these gorgeous bracelets from vintage and antique spoons. This particular one is from 1925 and features silent film stars. Why did I want this one?
This lovely lady is Gloria Swanson, the woman who built my house as a vacation cottage.

 This one features the Orchid pattern from 1905.
Do I love orchids? Almost maternally.
 You can add a crystal dangle to any piece in several colors for just $3 more
 The owner of the shop is taking a vacation right now and has her inventory closed, but if you'd like to browse some of her work, the FEEDBACK page has examples you can click on and drool over. She'll also send you an email to let you know she's back.
These little luxuries can bedazzle your wrist starting at $19.95. Mine were $29 apiece, and for heavy, quality antique silver, I think that's a steal. 

And last but not least, Jane over at The Borrowed Abode, who is a fair trade expert, recommended some terrific shopping sites just before Christmas, and I fell for InStyleBoutique hook, line, and sinker.
After all, I need something to wear with my orchid bracelet, don't I?
No, that's not my neck. You don't need to see my neck. You're lucky you got wrist.
You want something more than wrist, go see Kelly at Tearing Up Houses.

I hope I gave you some ideas on how to spend all that extra cash you have laying around since the holidays. We'll be hitting Home Depot tomorrow, so next week we'll be back with some very serious projects.
For now, could someone put the mailbox swag away? It's still on the back of the couch.



Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...


By the way, OMG, did you hear about that nutcase at the courthouse in Fort Lauderdale today?! Just saw it on the news...


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Ooh! So glad you like that necklace - I'm kinda still thinking I may get one.

Heather said...

Your gifts are divine! I love the nest and the jewelry. Both very unique...just like you!

Life in Rehab said...

Kelly, No! Which nutcase? This is South Florida, you really have to be more specific.

Jane, I love it, but the briolette dropped off and lodged in my cleavage Christmas day and I haven't made the necessary repairs yet, so stock photo city.

Heather, why thank you, Ma'am!

Mel said...

the nest is pretty, as in girly, frilly pretty :)

The bracelet with Gloria Swanson is the best thing ever! I had no idea that she had built your home, how cool is that!

Donene said...

I love the nest and the jewelry! Thanks for your nice comments! and yes you could do it!!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

I love that the bracelet has the woman who built your house on it! That is way cool. I have only been married 7 years, but I too find that emailing a direct link works wonders for gifts! That's how I got my silhouette!

Musings from Kim K. said...

You scored some lovely items. I'm a jewelry hound and I love your bracelet. What a cool story about your house. Any ghostly Gloria Swanson spirits drifting around?

Vicki Boster said...

Sunny- Your photos are gorgeous - thank you for loving your little nest and giving it such a beautiful new home!

I love the bracelets also - what a unique craft and design. Seriously - Gloria Swanson built your home - you need to cash in on that!


Carry on crafty lady - I am coming back to see which of those bracelets you actually score!

Totally love that photo of you on your blog header - LOVE it!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

My goodness so much wonderful 'bling' I really like the necklace, very pretty.(-:

Vagabond Carnival said...

How neat that your home was Gloria's vacation house, and I love love LOVE the orchid necklace. Great finds allover! I'm amazed at all the textures and materials the artist used to make the nest. Though I do envision sneaky paws trying to get in the birdcage, hehe.

Fortuitous that there was an adornment theme here, since you've been awarded The Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award.

Stop by and grab your buttons, then start celebrating! Or start celebrating and then grab the buttons. You know, whatever works for you. Wheeee!!


Erin said...

This is awesome! Love it all, but the bracelet is best!

Carol said...

Love the link to Kelly's nakedness almost as much as the amazing bracelet. Happy Sunday!