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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspiration Point: The Pub AND What's Blooming?

We ended our outing with an afternoon snack at a favorite British eatery, The Pub. We have a thing for exploring different ethnicities of cuisine, and this establishment serves up some unusual samplings and some expected standards in fine style.
Yes, I consider this an ethnicity. I should point out we also do African, Thai, Scottish, Native American, and anything else we can get our hands on, usually either by hitting a festival, a restaurant, of attempting it at home. We like to explore the melting pot that makes us up; I have Scottish, Welsh, German, and Mohawk in me, while Mr. Torres is Spanish, English, French, and Scottish.

The African? We just fell in love with the variations.  But I digress.

Plus, the beer menu is AMAZING.
Little known fact: we make our own beer. Here. At Rehab. 
That's somehow so wrong.
To start with, the place is gorgeous with fantastic detailing. Click on the pic and zoom in, kids; we see things we never noticed before every time we're there.
Just in case you forget what nationality is represented here. Oh, and the male servers wear kilts, the women wear tiny plaid skirts. We pretend not to look.
Do you know what a "Dur" face is? Here, allow the Minions to demonstrate!
That is indeed my Twisted Thistle in the foreground. We had some wonderful goodies like fish-n-chips, fried pickles, calamari, and of course, Sammy had a cheeseburger. He's the ultimate authority on the perfect cheeseburger. Since this is a spot where they'll actually allow a medium rare hunk of ground flesh to be served, it's a favorite.
We were too stuffed to consider dessert. We thought about it. We read the selections. We agreed upon two. We groaned and sat. In the end, we figured it would be best to slink home, so we quickly snapped some shots of the glorious window boxes outside.
I promise, I pinched no samples to root. Not a one. I swear.
Happy Sunday.
Pardon us. We need a nap.


Maxabella said...

What's not to love about an English pub? I miss them every time we go to an inferior Aussie version (we lived in London for 4 years in late nineties, early naughties).

You make your own beer, huh? That's commitment!! x

Debbiedoos said...

Love it! THe English pub sytle was our inspiration to our own in home Pub....loved your day. looked fun.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

MMMM...fried pickles!!
It's so funny...I go to Miami and eat all the Cuban food I can, and you live near there and I don't even see it on your list! :)

Life in Rehab said...

Maxabella, we are really fortunate in that we have a few English pubs here, as well as one seriously amazing Irish pub. South Florida has EVERYTHING.

Debbie, I caught a glimpse of that bar in your house and it made me gasp in envy!

Jane, I love Mexican and Spanish food, but not Puerto Rican or Cuban, believe it or not, although we often hit the festivals because I love the cultures and the music. And the mojitos.

Aubrey said...

I really enjoy your blog! I love that you are genuine and down to earth, plus add a great humor to your posts. I am inspired by your hard work...and I am totally envious of your beautiful blue mirror!

I would like to give you the "A Blog with Substance Award"!
If you would like to pick it up you can on my blog, if not, just know that your blog has impact and is a true joy to read! Thank you.

Olive said...

I want to go to an Irish Pub. I read "McCarty' Bar" recenty about a British guy who visits all these Irish Pubs and just loved the book. Except I want to go to Ireland for real...I don't want much I know. Your family Sunny is just so stinkin cute. hugs♥olive

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Looks like a great place! Yummmm fish and chips!

Beer making tutorial on the horizon?

Heather said...

Yum. Waiting for your beer making post now... eh-hem, when will that be coming?

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Now I always thought the English couldn't cook but then an English Pub owned by some displaced Londoners opened in our town. I know, in Iowa? Crazy but it is one of my new faves. They make a fish reuben sandwich that sounds awful but is so flipping amazing.
Love your pics.