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Monday, September 13, 2010

House Tour: Yes, Finally

Well, one year later, here's where we are: we've moved everything we've owned out, repaired the structural damage, and moved some of our things back in. The walls have been scrubbed clean, but still need painting. And not everything is settled yet. But come on in and see how we've done!
Wipe your feet. The floors are new.
We have our little landing area just as you come in the front door. It's a bit over-burdened right now because we usually have a second spot on our first landing for backpacks, jackets and hats, but that spot isn't put back together yet.
A sure sign that you live in Florida? The beach bag stays right there year round just in case.
As you walk in, the living room is to your left carved out by the sectional sofa. The entrance was once defined by a large, hideous 1970's wood spindle thing with a trough. I'm sorry, but that DID end up in a landfill. 
This free-cycled dresser is awaiting a rain-free weekend for a colorful make over that will turn her into a wonderfully welcoming piece. And she's also fantastic tool storage. 
The antique bread bowl got a little Fall treatment with some shells and a white ceramic pumpkin.
One of many candlescapes made from a Dollar Tree plat and bowl. I LOVE candles; they're lit every night.
Bad photography and silk orchids. Sigh...
 More Dollar Tree swag.
 Come on in and have a seat.
This space is perfect for movies, video games, snacking and reading. Since everything is slipcovered, there's no need to worry about spills either.
This 1890's trunk was a flea market find that set us back $35. It's indestructible, and I  love the rusted metal, vintage travel stickers, and that the original owner's name is stenciled on it. He was a cruise ship cellist; the interior is velvet lined and well appointed with drawers, a shoe rack, a hanging bar, mirror, and ironing board, and even a top hat form.
The clock is not in it's permanent home, just there for safe keeping. 
I love using white in my Fall decorating, so these sunflowers suited me perfectly.
Here's a little better view.
From there we head into the dining room, which is also our laptop hub at the moment. Here you have an excellent view of all the random green splotches I've slapped on the walls.
I had the bar built for Sam right after we were married. It's gone through three makeovers: textured wallpaper that looked like pressed tin, bamboo fencing that gave it a tiki hut feel, and finally a fabric drape. All of which were destroyed by certain furry inhabitants. I wrapped the top in faux leather, and stage two of the redo is pending.
I believe you're familiar with my grandmother's hutch.
And then we have the kitchen over this way. I'm just not shy with color, am I?
We'll take a look in there next time.
So that's where we are so far. As you can see, I have a lot of painting to do. I still have windows to replace. But we're at least well on our way.
You know what this means, right?
I have a lot of blogging left to do.


Olive said...

Hi Sunny! Love all your blues and that arch into the dining room is wonderful! You know I am not very crafy but I did paint almost the entire interior of the yellow house all by myself. Plus I enjoyed doing it. If I were there I would help you! hugs♥olive

Mel said...

Thanks for the tour Sunny. You have so many great pieces of furniture. That dresser is going to be pheonenal when you get it done. The kitchen looks so cheerful, loving the blue on the cabinets.

Paula said...

Sunny, so well done. I love the colors and this trunk is telling tales of times gone by. Love cnadle light too. This is such a gorgeous HOME you create there! Hugs to you

Heather said...

The colors say "Florida" to me:) No beach bags here, but an umbrella is always waiting... didn't you suggest a swap awhile back??

I appreciate your tenacity... you have done so much and still more to come... lucky for us:)

Lookin' Good my bloggy friend!

Carol said...

That dresser is totally my style... can't wait to see what the paint job looks like. Those blue cabinets are adorable. If my husband ever let me get away with blue cabinets, I would put red and white everything with them... can't wait to see more!


Sherri B. said...

I admire you for setting up a real 'home' and working around it while rebuilding from the ashes.

Mrs. Sojourner said...

It is looking really good; you have done a lot of great work! I love the way you incorporate white fall decorations with your regular beach decor. Reading your blog makes me miss FL! :)

Sarah @ Dream in Domestic said...

I love the green splotches on the walls (haha, it's true) and the colorful kitchen (I can't wait to see more of that). I love that your home looks cozy and lived in. I don't like houses barren of "homey" things that look like nobody spends time there. And, I LOVE that hutch!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I LOVE the bright colorfulness of your kitchen cabinets! It's definitely not the norm in this day and age, but it floats my boat :)

Life in Rehab said...

Thank you for all of your lovely comments! I admit, I was nervous, because most of your homes are so perfect, and here I am with soot on the walls and no paint! But I appreciate the encouragement; it really is what keeps me going. Here's a fun little tidbit for you- the blue cabinets that you see are actually a dresser with a box base built under it and unrelated upper cabinets. they were both dumpster dives and brown!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the tour! No worries about the sooty walls. Your fab pieces have much more to say than the walls. Keep it coming- I want to see the kitchen!

Michelle L. said...

Perfect, shmerfect! My place isn't. I love your old house with all the renewed touches. That cruise ship trunk is so cool! You are a glass half full kind of girl and your house is loverly!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...


I'm totally crushin' on your house, you had me at the front door! The archway, the steamer trunk, cozy comfy living room!! Love it all. Can't wait for the kitchen tour!

Erin @ The Little Apartment said...

I love your house, it looks big and cozy. I really like that old trunk. I have one like that too, it's SO well made and tough.. yet mine is smaller (: