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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Your First Initial Feeling

Yesterday, the kids and I were putting away albums. Naturally, I kept putting some aside to play as we went. Savannah then handed me a box filled with old letters, and it made me pause.

My grandparents, Ron and Helen Thomson, were married in 1939.
My mother was born in 1940. She'll be 70 this week.

It's easy to forget that tales like this are actually a love story.
Nope, you didn't invent romance. You aren't the first girl to chase a toddler, plan BBQs, and wait for your best friend to come home.
My grandfather went to war and became part of the Greatest Generation. My mother was 5 at the time. He and my grandmother communicated through the only method available back then. Mail. Snail mail. I love how he scrawled "Free" where the postage traditionally goes.
They were married for 50 years. My grandfather passed away just after he walked me down the aisle. He didn't give me away, mind you; no man owned or does own me. But I had that privilege. 
My sister was married after he passed, and made that walk solo as a result. My newly widowed grandmother got a standing ovation at every gathering during the event. And she was married to him until the day she died.
My husband and I sometimes marvel that 20 years have gone by. Where did it go? My children should be toddlers, I should be a young wife with unreal expectations and dreams. How did my little blonde munchkin grow a beard?
We never leave or enter the house without a kiss and an "I love you."
Are we a great love story? I don't know. But as I placed those letters in a safe box for storage, I wondered how the children would reflect on our relationship. Would we inspire them to stick out the hard times? Would they remember that their vows aren't just words? 

For better or for worse is serious business. 

Then Savannah handed me Buckingham Nicks to put on the shelf.

And I put the song I walked down the aisle to 20 years ago on the turn table.

Do you always trust your first initial feeling?
Special knowledge holds truth, bears believing
I turned around
And the water was closing all around
Like a glove
Like the love...that had finally, finally found me
Then I knew
In the crystalline knowledge...of you
Drove me through the mountains
Through the crystal-like clear water fountain
Drove me like a the sea

How the faces of love have changed
I'm turning the pages
And I have changed...oh, but remain ageless
I turned around
And the water was closing all around
Like a glove
Like the love..that had finally, finaly found me
then I the crystalline knowledge of you
Drove me through the mountains
Through the crystal-like, clear water fountain
Drove me like a the sea
To the sea....
To the sea....
I hear marriage is making a come back. To me, it's the thing that became the best part of my life.


Jami said...

So sweet...beatiful tribute.

Pat Harris said...

Beautiful! I have my mother's letters from my Dad. He was in WWII,they married soon as they knew he was going. Mom told me stories of following him until he left the states. They actually lived in a chicken coop that they cleaned up. How many couples would do that today so that they would have a little more time together?

Lisa said...

Wow, what a great story! It's so great that you have these stories and letters to pass down to future generations. My family doesn't hacve as many stories like this to share and I wish we did because they are so interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely sweet. I bet your "little" ones do look up to you and your husband's relationship- or at least they probably will when it gets a little closer to them getting married themselves. :-)

Anne Smith said...

Those letters are so touching and sweet (and I love seeing the "free" and the beautiful cursive!). That's wonderful to still have the letters all these years later. I think marriage is making a comeback, at least I hope. :)

Heather said...

Really great to have those letters... makes me sad our culture (myself really) don't write like that anymore~ doesn't it just bring you closer to those who came before? Awesome.

Cindy @The Flipping Couple said...

What a beautiful story! And inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Unknown said...

That was beautiful, Sunny. Thanks for sharing. It totally made my day. :)


Rocky Mountain Woman said...


Amazing how the years just fly by..

Gabe said...

great I post. . .

marriage is amazing!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope we all have a marriage as special as theirs.

Jingle said...

bittersweet i take.
fabulous poem.

Ames said...

Lovely! I have a letter written to my granmother from my grandfather while they were
courting". It was a doozy too! My aunt is still trying to get her hands on it. But mom left it to us. I love the way they wrote in cursive, which is fastly becoming a dying art. Great post. ~Ames

Judie said...

I have saved all the cards that my children and husband have given me over the years. I also have stashed away birthday cards from my grandmother, and a favorite aunt. I hope someone finds them interesting after I am gone!

Splendid Little Stars said...

my initial feeling--awesome!
very special.
I love that the letter you present has only "Cleveland, Ohio."

Pondside said...

Beautiful post - just the right amount of story telling and introspection - perfect.
Marriage is making a comeback? That would be a good thing!

Jenny said...

I love that song. It is one of my favorites. The lyrics are so incredible.

I loved the story of your Grandparents. You told it was such grace and poignancy. Truly a touching stop for Alphabe-Thursday.

Your post made me teary-eyed.

I hope someday one of my children or grandchildren care enough to tell our story in such a lovely way.

Thank you for linking.