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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That Fabulous Chandelier

Sage is our new favorite restaurant.
For us to go out at all is rare; Sam's an ex-chef, and we're all just spoiled by his cooking. For us to go out sans the Minions is just unheard of.
But we did.
 And we sat under this gorgeous chandelier again. Lisa at Popcorn Served Daily suspected it was a piece by glass artist Chihuly. One of the botanical gardens in Miami had done an outdoor exhibit of his work a couple of years ago, and Lisa's right, once you've seen it, you don't forget.
So we gazed at it as we enjoyed our fantastic escargot and flatbread with chevre, washing it down with sangiovese and finishing up with a bananas foster crepe.And we speculated on the cost of said light fixture. It's probably worth more than my house.
I would have photographed the food, but I have no idea where you folks stand on the snail issue.


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Yay for getting out by yourselves! That chandy is amazing!

Ofthesea said...

Snails are yummy and oooooh that chandelier!! I'd go to that restaurant even if the food was bad, just to gaze upon it!

Unknown said...

Chihuly is great - I saw him on his first tour years ago (over 10) and they were selling the trumpet bowls he made for about 150-200 dollars... I was a poor college student and didn't buy. Oh what a missed investment. I kick myself all the time. His installations and work is amazing.

Unknown said...

Oh how I do love him!

It's pretty funny we both had Chihuly piece up this week!

As an interior designer who has studied him, I am just still constantly amazed with how fabulous his work is!

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