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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sally 4th

Well. it happened.
For the first time, we spent a 4th of July apart.
Savannah's BFF, Kiwi, the confirmed leader of the Giggle Gaggle, was born this day 16 years ago, and it was a celebration to be reckoned with.
I know.
I still had them at least pose together before she went.
She sniffed a bit too. We have done the same thing every year since Sammy was born. First, we watch Independence Day (since its release), because that's my idea of a chick flick. Then, we fill a cooler with drinks, pack up blankets and lawn chairs, haul out mosquito lights, and trek out to the airport behind the college to watch the display. The kids play tag and Frisbee, we set off some minor fireworks, and basically settle in for a lovely evening of family tradition that has spanned nearly 2 decades.
This year, my baby was not in tow.
Happy Independence Day. How Ironic.
The nest empties quickly. Make sure you've given them roots and wings.
I'm sure the future has a great many more juice boxes for me. They will just be for grandchildren.

Um, guys...? No hurry. Seriously. Take a decade.


Kirsty Girl said...

Wow you must be truly loved to have that group pose and smile at the camera for you! =)

Unknown said...

Family traditions are the best. They're the things your kids will always remember and smile upon, and will probably continue those same traditions (with a few changes/new ones of their own) with their own families. :)

P.S. Independence Day (the movie) is AWESOME!


Life in Rehab said...

Kirsty...luckily, I am.

Chelsea, wanna knock down a wall, pick up a six pack and rent some Bruce Willis movies?