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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sidewalk Salad

 Krista over at While He Was Napping has some great uses for vinegar with the weather getting warmer.
My Mom, the Master Gardener, wanted to add one more.
 Weeds love the spaces between my walkway stones. 
I hate harsh chemicals with all the pets wandering aimlessly about.
So we're going to eradicate these guys without poisoning the Feline Overlords.
 We use white vinegar for a lot of things around the house, so there's always a couple of gallons on hand.
 Simply pour into a measuring cup or any handy spouted vessel.
We use a turkey baster for tight places.
 Then make sidewalk salad.

 The weeds start to turn brown and wither after a day.
Reapply as needed.
Sure, it takes a little longer, but it's cheap, environmentally safe, and you can clean things with the leftovers.
 And it won't hurt these guys.

And that's kinda the point, isn't it?


Christina @ The Scrappy Housewife said...

Awesome! I use white vinegar for a lot, but didn't realize it would work for that. Cool! I did use a vinegar/water mixture and some steel wool to remove the last of the pumpkin mold and goo from our patio set and it worked beautifully with no damage to the table. :) No more redneck balcony for me. said...

I didn't know that white vinegar would do this. I am gonna do this on my patio this weekend. I am also going to try it on the white stones in my driveway. Thanks for the tip!

Dharma said...

Don't you just love, eco-cheep? Thanks for the reminder, my salad is ruining the side patio....

Musings from Kim K. said...

I wonder if my husband knows about this? I should pay more attention to what he does outside. Here's another post that I'll need to drag him over to the computer for. Thanks, Sunny.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Now I understand why you are so smart and's because you have a very smart and cleaver Mother! (-:

Michelle L. said...

Ooh, love this tip, Sunny's Mom! I hate the chemical weed killers and my usband is always spritzing it when I'm not here to object.