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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Going Shopping

 The Redhead is a tired girl!
*Middle aged novice construction worker in uniform*
 These boots have been on daily by 7:30 AM, but I'm
learning tons of new tricks as we remodel, and tiny details
that you wouldn't think of, like which way the dryer door opens in
 relation to the washer...
 ...or how a shower stall opens.
 This quarter round unit slides on a track, meaning no precious real estate 
is taken up with a swinging door.
That's an important factor when you're in a wheelchair
and rolling up to your shower.
 The textured, raindrop patterned glass is elegant and provides
just enough privacy.
The patio furniture is another consideration.
Profiles need to be compact and slim, and pieces need
to move easily.
 This set up from IKEA is a perfect potting center for a disabled
Master Gardener.
The deck box will hold and hide her gardening bag and bonsai pots,
and the adjustable shelves will add customizable storage as she discovers
her specific needs.
All the pieces are sold separately, so you can plan and purchase 
exactly the configuration that will store all of your supplies.
 This skinny cart on wheels is light and easily portable.
Since the deck will be flush with the indoors, it can be loaded for entertaining
in the kitchen and then towed outside to guests without help.
 This great little device underneath corrals bottles so the arrive upright
and ready to pop a cork.
 A small sectional, also incredibly light, is perfectly versatile.
We did a test, and even in a wheelchair, our homeowner can
rearrange the pieces by herself.
End pieces both with and without arms make it easy for her to
slide into a seat solo and join her guests.
Independence and manageability are a priority here.
 Today, we're looking at practical things, like vents for the bathrooms.
Remember these utilitarian, ugly plastic things?
 What say we ignore those and go in THIS direction!
Yes, there's a fan hidden in there!
So you get a chic vintage look and no fogged up mirrors,
all with a touch of style.
I, um, also need to restock the house.
There are still people, pups, and Feline Overlords to feed!
Headed for Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes.
If not back, avenge death.

1 comment:

La Vie Quotidienne said...

what great things you have found. I love the idea of the "reachable" potting table, she is going to have so much fun!