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Monday, April 8, 2013

Game of Thoms: Sugar is Coming

I'm THAT Mom.
The one that never ordered a cake or had a party catered.
(That includes my wedding.)
I took great pleasure in my Minions telling me what their theme and dream 
confections for a party should be, and delivering.
 I'm no pastry chef, nor do I hold a Wilton Cake Decorating School
Master's degree.
Haven't the foggiest clue what half of the tips in my pastry bag kit are for.
Icing rosettes are one flower I can kill.
So how does a Super Mom face her limitations and still come up with
a cake that gets a wow from the guest of honor and all the friends
in breathless attendance
(who have come to EXPECT me to dazzle them over the years)?
Fake it.
Before the interwebs, I'd pour through magazines and craft books
(those are blogs in hardback form)
deciding what elements I could pull off.
Our Easter Cake:
pink lemonade flavor with Starburst Jellybeans and one Peep.
Simple, tasty, nice presentation.
Special equipment required?
With that in mind, let's meander through the inspiration
for a Game of Thrones finale...
 A fondant White Walker on horseback.
As impressive as this is, I know I'd have the hot glue out doing repairs
at some point, rendering the whole mess inedible and resulting in me
serving cups of Walmart Greek yogurt with a candle.
 How much do you love this?
This got some consideration, since I can garnish well,
 but I may save this idea for a fruit side dish.
 Take a little skip through Lannister Land!
This looks a little more like a formal party or a bizarre themed wedding to me.
 Maybe this should be my tactic?
It's all pointy and scary, but so dark, you can't tell what it is!
 A perfect rendition of the Iron Throne cloaked in the blood of your enemies.
Granted, this is a 20th birthday, but come on...
 I honestly think I'd feel guilty cutting into this one!
Yep, this would get a glass case too
Not THIS was under consideration.
I even sketched out templates.
It just wasn't...3D enough.
 Now this is 3D! 
And cool!
And wild!
People would gasp!
Take pictures!
I can't do it!
 Here's a great alternative to the Wiggles cake your Mother-in-law is pushing.
 Meddle ye not with the affairs of dragons, for you are
crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
If I found gummies, maybe, but it seems like a lot of work
for something a college boy will scarf in one bite.
 THIS would be soooooo worth the trouble!
 Werewood Tree in the God's Wood, or the tree of the Old Gods.
Love it.
Saving this for Halloween though.
Renly's crown is fascinating and beautiful.
I can't help but wonder if this is fondant, or a prop.
Again...a lot of trouble to watch a 20 year old see how many 
cupcakes he can stuff in his mouth at once.
 Sigils and swords make a mighty baked good,
And I could probably pull this one off.

It made the top of the short list until I saw...
Several iced layers of square cake with Hersey's Milk chocolate Bar segments as the stones
and Chocolate Oreos as the turrets.
The drawbridge?
Kit Kats!
I also have a dimensional cake pan that bakes peaks of pine trees.
I'll cut them apart and create a forest, then sift powdered sugar over the whole affair.
...and perhaps a head on a pike or two mounted on the castle wall.
I think we have this portion of the menu set.
Now onto the challenge round:
Tomorrow, we need a royal feast, vegetarian style!


Deb said...

I'm digging the Iron Throne cake - but GAH! How hard would THAT be to make???

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I'm sure it will all be amazing! Can't wait for the feast!

Unknown said...

OH! OH! Ohmigosh. Ok, deep breath...(I get excited about food decoration, LOL!) About the little castle with the Hershey's and Kit Kat drawbridge? Sheet cake instead of square, needs a central tower with a bit of splintering and melting... HARRENHAL. All it would take would be some of the King Size Kit Kat bars, some regular sized ones, some fun-sized, a brulee torch...*Cackles aloud and capers about with demented glee*

Life in Rehab said...

*Joins in the maniacal laughter* BRILLIANT!!!