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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bargain Basement Bunny

 Have you done your after Easter discount shopping yet?
Score yourself a plain, or even plain old ugly, bunny on the cheap.
 Nab some pretty napkins while you're at it.
 Mix up a little decoupage medium on the cheap.
 Now, separate the plies (layers) of the napkins so you have just
the thinnest layer with a pattern.
 Tear off strips of the napkin.
Brush some of the glue mixture onto the curved surface, and smooth the bubbles
out with a finger, pressing down the edges.
 Pay attention to contours and details.
Wet the paper down with more of the medium if you need to.
 Once everything is covered, brush a coat of the stuff over the whole object.
Let it dry and apply another coat.
If you'd like, you can then give it a coat of spray sealer,
especially if this is going to be a garden decoration.
 Mr. Bunneh is going to live indoors though, so it wasn't necessary.
 Have you just created your own little bit of art,
only to box it up for a year?
 Hey, bunnies don't disappear after Easter!
It's still Spring, and we didn't choose anything holiday oriented as an embellishment, did we?
This little rabbit can have a home on my antique icebox for the next few months.
The other two?
Um....not so much.

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