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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lighting Up the Night

Our backyard potager was only missing one thing: lighting.
And a quick trip to IKEA solved that.
 Vannah and I spotted these in the lighting department, and they're exactly what we wanted.
 Especially when you consider they're solar!
 So two yellow and one blue hanging lanterns in nylon came home with us
 Now for the technical installation process.
 Tie some twine around a rock and throw it over a branch. Have someone hold the other end so no one gets beaned by said rock.
Untie the rock.
 Tie the lantern to the twine.
 When the crazy redhead wants the last one on a really high branch, improvise.

 And there you have it.
 One backyard seating area, lights included.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I was waiting for another ladder accident. Love the lanterns. I can't wait to get power to the treehouse. I've got big lighting plans!!

Unknown said...

Whoa, I had no idea that they made those solar-powered! That's it - I'm in love. If I wasn't 110% sure that the crazy wind and hail and tornadoes around here wouldn't destroy them, I'd call up my Mom and send her over to Ikea to pick me up some of those lanterns STAT.

Those are AWESOME!


Sonja said...

Very nice! I see lots of outside relaxation time in your future!

Heather said...

The fact that the lanterns are solar powered is fantastic! They look great!!

Dharma said...

solar? SOLAR? you are brilliant....almost as much as those lanterns ;)

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Im pretty sure there is nothing on Earth a trip to Ikea cant fix. How cool they're solar powered too! I wonder how well they stand up to rain?

Christie describeHappy said...

Now that is cool!! I need to go take a peak at Ikea. And your backyard is looking like such a well planned "room" that you will enjoy all summer long!