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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Going Shopping

For those of you wondering, "Why is this woman not stalking me?" I have an announcement:
I walked off my job last Friday. Like a week ago.
I'm 50 and just started a new career path.
I'm taking a class for my insurance license.
So for those of you afraid to start over, don't be. I never am.
Sometimes a fresh beginning is the best thing for you.

We're gonna play with glass this week. Wanna play along? Cool!

Headed for the plumbing store, BRB.
If not back, avenge death.


lisbonlioness said...

Way to go, Sunny! Good luck with your new career, if you can't rock it, nobody can.

Mel said...

Courage! You've got it. Congratulations girl!

Nikki ~ Let's Craft!! said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! I admire those who take a chance. You have serious chance cards in your pockets. Go for it. Sunny, you may think this is a cheese comment... but to meet you is on my bucket list. The amout of inspiration and courage and just daily living life gives me such joy. Thank you...
~ Nikki

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Good for you. It sounds like a great opportunity and one that you will be very good at. Have a happy day!

myomyohi said...

Congrats. I'm sure its very freeing and a little scary, but I have no doubt you'll be very successful.

Musings from Kim K. said...

You are definitely a brave courageous woman and I think that's why I enjoy your blog so much. Have fun playing with glass. Can't wait to see what you're up to next.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

HOLY COW! HOLY COW!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!! Im so proud and inspired by your courage :0)

Beth@Wiccan Make Some Too said... that's how you found the time to come up to PA. to help me with stuff. Awesome for you Sunny to have the guts to do that. Just sell Insurance like you write your blog & you will be raking in the dough! Going out for fruit & red wine for the Sangria you requested!

mousee23 said...

Rock on oh woman of the world

Carol said...

Love the gutsy move!!!

Good luck with the insurance license; I'm sure you could ace those tests in your sleep now, due to the fire drama.

P.S. What was the old job?


Unknown said...

Congrats, Sunny, and kudos to you for taking the reins and changing your life for the better! :)