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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Blooming?

Blue orchids???
You know one of these came home with me, thanks to the folks at 
Miller's Way Orchids in SW Ranches, Florida.

 And this lovely lady is Sheryl from Lucky Bamboo 4 U, seen modeling my new carnivorous pitcher plant.
Watch out, flies and mosquitoes, my garden is now defensive.

Happy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

oh myyyyy goodness.. those blue orchids are just stunning!!

Sharon@Keen Inspirations said...

Gorgeous Blue Orchid!!! And every plant needs some bling...don't ya think???
How did you dress up your followers box?

Melanie Bacom said...

Your blog was mentioned today by Melanie at Creative Art & Design’s Marvelous Monday

Mel said...

Blue! Totally you!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Oh my gosh...those are stunning in blue! All those photos really warm me up!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the blue orchid! And ohmygosh, you bought a pitcher plant! That's awesome! You gotta let me know if it's keeping down the mosquito population! I looked for one for my parents (they HATE the mosquitos!), but had a hard time finding one!


Roeshel said...

Wow - beautiful orchids! Oh how I long to see something green or pink, purple or blue instead of brown and covered in snow! No mosquitoes though. ;)