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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling a Little Redneck

I'm sure we all have those days... walk outside to look at your home, and this is what you see.
Despite all of your best efforts, your exterior needs some serious help, and it's time to get on it.
So get on it we did.
We started with a little container gardening just to get the herbs going.
I mean, what says Spring like fresh flavors to cook with?
And brightly painted pots just add to the party.
We left the original markers in to identify them until I have a chance to make the permanent ones, because although I know this is oregano...
...this variegated number is new to our repertoire, and I don't quite recall what it is
We're trying some tomatoes specially bred for patios and decks.
And of course, tons of peppers for the Hispanic chef in my life.

I couldn't resist this honeysuckle. She needs a nice big pot so she can grow straight up my future gazebo.
Some fiery orange will be a fun new color shot.
However, it might look a lot prettier if I hadn't just left the whole mess shoved to one side so Sam could fire up the grill, huh?
Oh well, the weekend's coming, right?


Mrs BC said...

New herbs to pot up! Fun! I think that variagated mystery looks like Apple Mint, which is delicious in iced tea or fruit salad.
Mrs BC

Olive said...

Sunny, I know what you mean. My flower garden is a mess and every day it warms slightly I invent something else to do but I must trim and prune etc. Today it is raining ice in georgia! ♥O

j said...

Herbs? I'll have to organize my spice cabinet. I just don't use fresh herbs with Chef Boyardee that much (my mother would be so ashamed but then again, SHE raised me).

I do love colorful pots and plants (the useless kind). I'm ready for spring so I can start playing in the dirt!

. said...

LMAO!! And I thought the rig job my dad to did to our trailer growing up was bad!! We could have had a trailer condo! :)

I'm so jealous!! I can't even walk outside the ice is so bad...much less grow herbs right now. :(

La Vie Quotidienne said...

what a nice grouping of herbs...they are so great in pots. I tried some patio tomatoes last year and they were great. Love the tailer picture!

Heather said...

Herbs are fun to grow. They are one of the few plants that I can grow successfully. Sometimes too succesfully!

Sharon@Keen Inspirations said...

LOVE the shot of the trailers! We got snow again today, but it is already melting! It should be up into the 50's next week and so I'm going to get a "cold frame" heating up! I'm really excited!

Christie describeHappy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christie describeHappy said...

Forgive me if we can't talk for awhile.. your posting of all those plants during our newest cold snap is making me want to cry. You can make it up to my by gifting me the light blue trailer -- definetly my favorite ;)

Michelle L. said...

I am picturing many tasty things made from all those herbacious goodies. Yum! Thanks for that opening shot of the trailers - I copied it onto my computer, I now have my plan for my dream house. (You might think I'm kidding...I'm so not kidding!)

The Tablescaper said...

It's going to be awhile until we can even think of putting a living thing outside. In the meantime, I have some seedlings going inside, just to keep me going. LOL!

Love your opening photo. where evere did you find that?

- The Tablescaper

Victoria said...

I'm going to make a big ol' comment here. I'm sorry! Gardening excites me. I am very much a city-girl. I started off with just herbs. I now make my own dirt by composting in an old Rubbermaid bin with holes drilled into it. And I still have the herbs, all sorts of peppers, lemongrass, chives, spring greens, tomatoes, and green onions. The composting has been amazing. The stuff that grows in there. I've got a couple of potato plants going now, and I need to go read up on how to make them produce potatoes.

I need to share my green onions/scallions advice. They are SO simple. Next time you buy them at Publix and you cut the tips off to use them, take the tips and stick them into one of your other herb pots about as deep as the tip of your finger. The end. They'll grow back in no time. If you leave them alone they'll get HUGE. You can cut them way down and they'll keep coming back.

I've also had much success growing trees in containers while I am living in this townhouse/villa thingy. Being in south FL means you get to grow all sorts of trees that other states don't have. So next time you have pits or seeds from tropical fruits - plant them, even if just in an old coffee tin with holes punched in the bottoms and see what happens. I have mango, avocado, mamey and ackee seedlings just waiting for me to buy a house and stick them in the yard.

As for your variegated plant, take a leaf and smash it between your fingers and give it a whiff. That should help. If not - it looks crinkly ans spear shaped like mint, but the shape of the smaller leaves kinda reminds me of a tomato. Sorry. I'll shush now.

Vagabond Carnival said...

I love honeysuckle, and I wish I could grow more fresh herbs. Maybe some day, when I live in an area that doesn't like to drop a couple feet of snow on me for giggles.