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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful!

Well good morning! And a lovely morning it is! The sun is shining, 
it's in the 70's and breezy, the french doors are open...

...and you're in the middle of a snow storm, aren't you?
That's okay, I have something to keep you busy.

I'd like to invite you to be part of a very unique blog hop.
Gail @My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD @ Beauty in the Attempt are hosting “The Bold and the Beautiful-your blog reviewed”.
Now here's the fun details:
Please take a look around my blog, check out the layout, pages, buttons,  sidebar and gadgets. I would love for you to gently critique my blog. Seriously. Let me have it. I’m hoping you will leave me some positive feedback about my blog. It would be great if you could give me constructive criticism but be sure to tell me what you like about my blog too! Do you like my pictures? Does my blog load quickly for you? How about the font?  All tips and tidbits welcome!
You are welcome to join the party, it started Thursday night and is open for a week!
I'll be over here if you need help with this.


Mel said...

I like that you have your own style and it's reflected in your blog. It loads quickly in my browser.

It's easy to read and the only suggestion I have is to widen your post area and maybe a little more neutral background, thereby making your posts the focal point. Hope that helps and I certainly hope I haven't offended you.

Michelle L. said...

Oh, this blog is dreadful and there's nothing I like about it. Wait, that was my critique for "The Daily Mother Teresa." No, dear Sunny, I am one of hundreds of your huge fans and could fill columns with praise. Content is king! I would come here and read your genius even if you had an all-puce background, no pictures and 4 point type. Would you like a teeny critique, really? My only, only, only one would be, sometimes I wish for more light on some of your photos. Most of the time the pics are great, but then there will be some AMAZING creation I am dying to ste - um, look at more closely, and the photo is a bit too dark.

Oh, also - I don't think there are enough cats in your blog.

What a fun project is this blog hop! No way I'm joining, I am a big big cheeken.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I like your blog layout, and *love* your new colorful background. Also love the scrolling announcement bar at the top of the blog. (Wish I could do that in wordpress, but I'm no WP pro)

If I were to be picky, as a communications person, I'd tweak it as follows:
-Slightly wider main column for posts.
-More coordinated/slightly more opaque sidebar color
-And all the pros say to move your "about me" to the very top of the blog, so that people can quickly see who they're visiting after landing on the site.

But trust me, these are all just tiny tweaks. You're one of my fave bloggers, fo-shizzle!

Katherine said...

I love your blog! You're funny, down to earth, and very inspiring and creative! My only suggestion is to try Picasa (free) for brightening up some of your photos. A lot of mine were dark and I tried it and it really made a world of difference!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Good morning!! Well you know that Im a loyal follower and that's because its just so great here.
The only tweaks are VERY mnior
~I agree with Miss Jane about moving your About Me to the page top. Its so witty and Im sure will snag people right away.
~Also, the red font at the top gets a bit lost in your pretty pink background.
~Sometimes the pictures are a bit blurry making it hard to really appreciate all of the hard work you put into your projects.

But the page loads quickly everytime, and I have been trying to figure out your scrolling banner for awhile now :0)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Thanks so much for linking up and adding the blog hop code to your site! It looks like you have a great blog, with wonderful content.
I had a horrible time getting your page to load. When I was just on this "post" I really saw nothing. When I tried to go to your main url, your sidebar ended up below your last post. That happened three times.
The CSN Giveaway text at the top is very hard for my old eyes to see.
I too gently recommend that you move your wonderful about me closer to the top. I would also like to see your followers get better real estate too.
I like your title and your header, and of course that scrolling banner is pretty cool!
I'm jealous that you are in sunny florida, and I'm in rainy, cold kentucky!
I hope this is a great experience for you and you get some great feedback! I think you've already made a couple of new friends!

Ami Allison said...

Can I be lame and say I think everything looks great! But I'm serious I really think it all looks great! It loaded just fine for me too!

OH AND how crazy is this back home in Texas it was 70 at 6am and about 25 minutes later it was 36!!!

It's cold here in the desert today too!

everything.beautiful said...

Comin' on over from the blog hop!
I love a person with a personality! Looks to me you live life in full color and that's AWESOME!! We're not all painted by the same paintbrush and you prove it here. I love how you have expressed yourself.
The ONLY minor thing I would think about is just to coordinate the colors more - that's it. But I also say this - do YOU like it just the way it is?? If so - who cares what I think?? Lol :)
Keep up the good work - I love your sense of humor. It loaded fast and it looks just great!

Sharon@Keen Inspirations said...

Sunny, your content keepsme so focused and usually laughing! :-) so that I don't know that I've ever paid attention much to the "environment"! I got the same advice about moving the about me up....I hope you didn't mind my reminder yesterday...
Anyway please dont change much! Obviously we all love you just the way you are!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Hello my dear....thank you for coming to our little blog hop party. I know it can feel so risky...but it is worth the risk. I am sure you are making new friends every moment. My gentle suggestion is to move your followers to right under you. People who decide to follow do so with in the 1st minute of them coming to your entice and tease them even more.
Thank you for taking a risk and joining the party. I know it can be so hard to put yourself out there..but I am thrilled that you did. There are lot of lovely people out here in blog world...and I hope by joining the find a few new lovely friends. Have a great week and I hope to see more of you in my little corner of the world.


Gina Vincent said...

I LOVE your blog! I became a follower after reading your end of the year wrap up. What I love about your blog is it's one of the only blogs I look at that seems like it's written by a real person. I love your sense of humor. I always read what you've written and don't just look at your pics. One complaint is I'm totally addicted to your daily link parties. I spend waaaay too much time looking. It's too fun, but that's my problem, not yours.