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Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Blogger: Michelle from Dream Home DIY

Good Monday Morning!
Guess what? I have a little treat for you today: I'm doing a blog swap today with my buddy Michelle from Dream Home DIY! Hop over there and see what I've been up to, but first, let me make proper introductions...

Hello and good morning to everyone here at Life in Rehab!
My name is Michelle, stopping by from over at Dream Home DIY
where my southern sweetie Justin and I chronicle our daily adventures as first time home owners.
And what a set of adventures they have been!

Had you mentioned to us this time last year,
that we would be the proud owners of a 3 acre parcel and this darling 2 story colonial
I might have laughed at you…
And quite possibly mentioned to people in passing that I thought you were a bit crazy.
But you would have been right!

Did you know it was possible to love a house just as much as you do an actual person?
I can assure you we certainly didn’t…
Until we signed our name on that dotted line and walked through those front doors with the knowledge that “This is ours, it’s actually ours”
With that we were determined to turn our starter house into the forever home of our dreams.
Where we will someday get married…
The place where our future children will be raised…
A comfortable place where friends and family long to visit and are saddened to leave…

Our blog is essentially journal entries,
a time line of projects and renovations on our path to forever.
Moving from our rental home of 4 years to the new one we own caused us to reevaluate our d├ęcor sense.
We quickly realized that what was once totally and completely  “us”,
is no more.
Together, two novice DIYers tackle the world…
Oh, and unfortunate master bathroom leaks on move in day…
…the living room’s evolution into separate living and dining spaces (including an in-progress archway)…
…and our darling front porch’s aluminum siding strip down/re-stain…
What does the future have in store for us?
A fabulous kitchen remodel, master bedroom and bath reconfiguration,
new decks, landscaping, painting, furniture construction and re-facing,
future additions, garages and so much more!!

Day by day.
Project by project.
Remodel by remodel.
Two novice DIYers are well on our way of achieving the most important goal of all.
“Turn Our Starter Home Into Our Dream Home…One DIY at a Time”
Won't you join us on the adventure?

Thanks Michelle for sharing your lovely home, and definitely do go visit her for some fearless home improvement goodness.


Michelle L. said...

I loved what you posted over there, Sunny, and thanks for the intro to a fun blogger!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I love that shot of you and your husband going over the threshold. This is our third house and I'm always amazed at how one construction project can turn into fifty.

Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

The archway in progress looks like it will be super cool when it is done. Enjoy your home!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

That archway is totally fabulous!