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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Bread Bowl

No, it's not a tutorial. It's an antique bread bowl. With moss. And a hurricane. 
And no skulls.
Not everyone would have added that last line.
And these are store bought cinnamon scented pine cones. Why?
Because this is what falls out of the trees around these parts.
Even I know this isn't exactly laying there screaming, "THANKSGIVING, YO!!!"
More of my white painted fakecorns. You're all sitting there, gritting your teeth, fantasizing about pelting me with them, aren't you?
Creatively dump.
Add a green candle in a fetching pear scent. It works with the cinnamon.

Start a pool as to how long it will be before a Feline Overlord unceremoniously clears the bowl and naps in it, leaving you with a delightfully prickly surprise when you flop on the sofa to watch Glee.
I have 5 bucks on today at noon.
Where did it go? I'll show you when I get to the office.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Love it! I love the contrast of the colors.

PS. I thought I was the only one that had a cat that enjoys sleeping in centerpiece bowls. What's up with that??

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Getting all autumnal aren't we now? I bet the pear and cinnamon smell divine together. Why wouldn't the kitty want to snuggle up in that gorgeous bowl (probably warmed by the sun).

Michelle L. said...

I was hoping you had made a craft from some stale moldy bread, but this is nice, too!

Unknown said...

Love it! The texture is great on that piece, and I like the bits of white acorns. :)


Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Awww Sunny....why no skulls? Don't get me wrong, I am feeling this & it is very,very pretty. Guess I just have a thing for those skulls! lol Hello again white acorns!

Carol said...

... and now I find the bread bowl post. This is why I blog-love you, Sunny.

I'm gonna go ahead and talk some smack and say I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO DO SOMETHING CHRISTMAS WITH THOSE COCOUNUTS!


( I haven't been drinking this time, I swear. Just an amazing/exhausting day. Have you ever listed AND sold 4 houses in 3 hours?)


MJ said...

Hahahaha, I agree with Carol, am sure you could turn something Christmassy with the coconuts. Hey, if all else fails, empty them out and chase your kids around the house while clacking the coconuts together like in the Holy Grail movie. LOL worked totally for the bf and me at the medieval fair :)