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Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's Blooming?

Shopping is more fun with a Partner in Crime,
 so the spree began when Savannah Helene was finally done with her ACT exam
 on a brilliantly sunny Saturday with a slight Autumn chill.
Okay, it was 72.
We take our cold where we can get it.
 Serious Halloween reconnaissance shopping requires fuel,
so we popped into a sushi place that the hubs and I have been haunting since we were dating.
 Miso soup and tempura veggies warmed us up from the bitter temperatures.
 Okay, fine...
 ...I just wanted fried zucchini. Sue me.
 There may or may not have been some raw fish consumed.
Sucked down.
 After a little of my usual craving, Ikura topped with a raw quail egg,
we sallied forth to Joanns for some Halloween deals. .
Evidently, the masses have discovered clearance sales.
Dejectedly, and empty handed, we dragged next door to Home Goods.
Locusts had beaten up to the orange and black stash, and we were reduced to a vile
and odious activity...
October Christmas Cruising.
Vannah's bestie is a penguin aficionado with a major coffee jones, so this hit the basket.
 White chocolate stars=effortless cake decoating.
Score me some silver sugar dragees and we have a show stopper!
$3.99 should cover a lot of sweets.
I immediately tucked them in the freezer in my emergency Frozen Cut Okra bag.
I found my daughter on a back aisle in lamps, whimpering in fear, crouched and shivering.
She gave me the look I've seen for 18 years when she's confronted by a horror 
so incomprehensible she needs a hug and reassurance.
 The lamp was so horrific, it was not even showing up in the shots.
It couldn't be captured digitally.
My maternal instincts immediately kicked in, and I pulled her to safety,
then stood between her and the frothy beast while we backed away to safety
in the sanctuary of the Spode aisle.
 Sneak Peek alert:
The theme at Chateau Inferno for the Christmas season will be...
 I'm getting the impression it's going to be easy to find my colors.
 Have you ever picked a really outrageous, crazy color scheme or idea,
something so out there that people comment on how bizarre it is?
 Then a couple years later, you walk into all the major stores...
 ...and find that your strange, daring taste is $29.99 for 9 feet?
 Welcome to my life.
 There were a few frightening things left straggling on the shelves.

 I...I need this. I don't know why.

 This was $2000 and had a certificate of authenticity.
The drawers were too small to store Cds. 
I have no idea what I'd do with it..........
although Sam HAS been asking me to come up with better spice and seasoning storage...
Alright, alright, one holiday at a time!
Let's pay for what we've got and mosey next door to Target.
 Lighted glitter chain?
Yes please!
You'll need that to restrain your 
giant illuminated owl, won't you?
 As is, these ominous eyes are frightfully fabulous.
Nestle them in the bushes near the door.
 Once activated, they light up, screech, vibrate, and cause 
all kinds of commotion!!!
I'm thinking in the bar fridge...
 Um...never mind.
 Lighted Autumn crystal branches.
I've always had visions of gardening near a nuclear power plant.
 We MUST be near the power plant!!!
  We found these plush cooked turkey hats in the Dollar Spot for $2.50.
Yes, several went in the cart.
The frightening part? Samwow was delighted and is wearing his casually.
 Personally, I liked this hat.
We're not going to tell her the shark is really a doggie costume, right?
 And then, I saw...
The Boots.
 I texted phone pics to my guy friends asking for opinions.
Resounding responses to the affirmative and a $17 price tag landed them
a space in my closet, and with that, my credit card insisted we were done.
In short, we failed miserably in our quest for further Holiday Horrors.
But boots, right?

Happy Sunday.

1 comment:

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

Again...such fun! And are a trend setter! Love the boots too!