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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keep Your Colors

 I've been saying for years that there's no reason to completely change your colors
 just because you're decorating for a holiday.
Embrace your taste.
Your house can still have the flavor of the season.
 My mother does not believe me.
Let's prove her wrong.
Trust me, that's just as much fun at 51 as it is at 16.
 Let's take my bar.
White and aqua lamp, black surface, oiled bronze fan, green walls, black shelves.
 First, let's add a splash of orange in the form of a runner.
This will pull the arrangement together with a landing pad, and it coordinates with 
the other runners purchased for $6 at Dollar General.
(I need to lay off the BHG, huh?)
We'll add a white painted pot pedestal and glass cloche,
then fill it with aqua mini pumpkins with a touch of silver glitter.
Pop a really large resin pumpkin in white with oiled bronze 
accents to match the fan.
 Some smaller pumpkins make it a collection.

 Grab a little more glitter to keep with our over all glamor theme;
we'll give this large black pumpkin a silver cake stand for some height.
The Fall napkin scrunched under it makes it softer and more stable.
Add a squat little glittered gourd so you have a pair.
 Now that you have the basics, start arranging.
I still have a few tweaks needed, but that's a good start.
 Now, in our home, there are 15 Feline Overlords.
You heard me.
 This takes some consideration.
 Especially since the above pictured member of The Clowder
has staked out this area of the bar as prime napping territory.
One good unsure-footed scramble, and the whole mess goes flying!
 As a precautionary measure, we'll put a couple of orange headed quilting
pins through the runner and into the bar.
This will keep it securely in place. 
 Why is this kind of thing always leaping to my mind?
Why do I try to prepare for the preposterous?
Because in my house...
......being prepared for just about anything is imperative.

(Three pound toad not included.)


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I have always admired your boldness in using bright colors! It all looks great to me, but, I'm concerned....Which one of your darling minions did you turn into a toad???

lisbonlioness said...

I know I am missing the point, but what's sticking in my head is 15.. and 3 pounds.
How freakin' lucky are you???
You get the coolest Mum, the coolest critters and the biggest lot of smelly, awful, pissy cats ever. Can I please, please, PLEASE live with you? We never get toads around here (did in my old house, same with foxes), all we get is bloody 7 pound spiders (or so it seems), and my Mama is far away.
Yeah, I'll be packing.. just say when!

Anonymous said...

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