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Friday, July 8, 2011

Word Up.

 Those nifty vinyl phrases on everyone's wall are a great form of self expression, 
and they even have them at the Dollar Tree.
Been dying to try it?
Come watch our first attempt.
 Wall Quotes on sale from *cough* years ago, a level, a pencil, some painter's tape and a little chunk of my morning added up to a project I've been dying to finish.
Once the wall was painted.
Which took a while.
But I digress.
Start with a handy, clean slice of wall.
 the vinyl letters come on a roll, so figure your positioning, mark the wall with a pencil, and double check with a level.
 Pre-tear some strips of painter's tape for a little extra hold.
 Peel off the shiny paper carefully, making sure your backwards letters stay down.
Now smooth and tape your words to the wall.
 Check with the level one more time.
 The kit came with a hand burnishing card to rub the letters on. Any credit or discount card should work fine.
 Get all the air bubbles out.
 Test for adhesion and peel.
Hey Jane, look, your lizard!
 And there we have it!
Funny story:
The letters are perfectly level.
The house, however...


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Hey! So I'm reading along, and I think "hey, there's my lizard!" and then I see what you wrote.
Great minds. . .

Anyway, I love this quote! SO many of the wall quotes are way too mushy for me. But this? It's a solid one. Great job being level, too!

meijo's JOY said...

Great quote, my Hero :)!

Dharma said...

I have one of those cans hanging around too....hmmmmmmm

love that blue!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Superb :) I agree, some of those quotes really are too mushy....but this one is perfect! said...

Looks great and great quote!

The White Farmhouse said...

Great job! I got the brainiac idea to copy one of those on the wall at the top of my stairs. The vinyl was 400 dollars and with paint and a stencil I copied it for nothing. I like this saying. I think the prep work is the hardest part of these!

~PJ said...

I'm a huge fan of wall quotes, but since we move so often and I can't take my walls with me I adhere mine to painted canvas or wood so that it is mobile. I love this quote and the funky font of "hero" gives it just the quirk it needs for that amazingly awesome color of paint!

Olive Cooper said...

Hehe...cute and I am so familiar with the house being a tad off level. In our old house I swear the kitchen is going to fall off into the backyard one day! Yet on more reason for the second house.

Alex said...

Sunny, you did a great job with the words! Just to let you know how level my house is, I once dropped a pen in my craft room & it kept rolling & rolling & rolling. My house is about 60 years old. But people say that houses were made better back then..he he..

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Very nicely done! Cute wall color, too.

Kim K. said...

Perfect quote.