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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fellow Featured Bloggers

First things first.
THANK YOU for your patience with my bad, bad blogging manners.
I am so behind on my visits it's sick.
But if you want to know about annuities, I'm your girl.
We will not be blogging about them however.
I still may do the laundry folding tutorial I keep threatening.

But I digress...
Is there anything more complimentary than when another crafter takes your idea and runs with it?
 Two such ladies let me know they've been inspired by my adhesive madness~
Check out what they've been up to!
Remember my Crate and Barrel hack candlesticks? Bambi at Crafting Occurs really liked them.
 She threw together a pair for herself. And I think she officially now has a problem with Goop.
 Bambi also liked THIS project so much that she made her own version.
 How's that for a girly take on a jeweled vase?
FemminaDaVinci, AKA Erin, at Amateur Hour in NC also got the supplies together to create herself a little beachy romance.
 Tall and stately...
...and filled with shells she collected from Clearwater Beach!

Didn't those turn out cool? Pop over and pay these ladies a visit;
they have a lot of great ideas!


Bambi said...

oooooooh I love them!!!................
now how do I post anonymous?

Carol said...

The last one is my favorite... so classic!