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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Okay, Unabashed Phase One.

I got the planting done today. Here's the thing...
 My mom is a Master Gardener. She's been very, very ill for a while, and when I get her here, I want her to have a garden she can dabble in without bending over.
This is my Mom's Mother's Day gift. Her own room to read and putter in while she recovers. There are flowers, herbs and veggies planted, and you will see what else in the next couple of days.

All the planting is done. But if you're a gardener, you know that sticking stuff in the soil is not IT.
A little herb placement.
And yeah, some lantana.
Are you ready for tomorrow's pics? Me too. Savannah took them, so bring in  the funk!
But mostly, bring on the love that my mother will complete when I have her home and in our care. I am looking forward to this stage of life, where I am the matriarch. It's okay, normal, and hey...I have you guys and basil, right?


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Sunny..incredible!! I'll never look at cinderblocks the same way!! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift for Mom. I'm sure the garden will help her recuperate even faster...and having you all around will be fabulous for her spirit.

mmmmm...basil! I even did some planting today too.

I'm ready for your close up! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

Life in Rehab said...

I just love you.

Uska Hope said...

Nossa, está ficando lindo esse seu jardim suspenso! Parabéns pelo blog, muito fofo e criativo!!!

Mel said...

Are you the best daughter in the world or what!
You thought it out really well and it looks great. I'm picturing it in a couple of months from now, abundant and beautiful.

Pat Harris said...

Wow! I can do that. I love the use of the cement blocks! Your mother is going to enjoy that so much. How wonderful for both of you.

Life in Rehab said...

Mel and Pat,

Thank you so much! The really big reveal on this will be Monday.


Obrigado para o elogio, e I' m you' contente; com referência a meu seguidor novo!

Unknown said...

That looks great! The green really adds so much life to the cinderblocks. Love it! What a great Mother's Day gift. :)