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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Floored

Suck it up, Baby Kitty, and show those nasty before pics!
My oh-so-elegant kitchen flooring! Okay, yes, it's sub-floor. We took up the old floor just before the fire. Well, Thom did. Yes, we were smack-dab in the middle of DIY projects anyway, so why not?
THIS however is representative of the rest of the house. SHAME!!!
This is the lovely new sub-floor in the fire room...
...and this is Arthur.
Now take a gander at the flooring choices I've been pondering...
And meet the winner in all its 8mm thick laminated beech glory!
Do you approve?


Sawdust Girl said...


Unknown said...

Definitely! I was going to ask if it was hardwood or laminate. We put down laminate, and are SO happy with it! People ask all the time if it's real... it even creaks when you walk on it (there's real wood underneath... but was unsalvageable). We've done everything to this floor, and it just takes it in stride. Dog nails, dropping tools and hammers, spilling paint and cement mortar, dripping grout on it - nothing phases it. And the spills? They wipe up so quick and easy. Our laminate still looks new. <3

Life in Rehab said...


I admit, I'm REALLY pleased with it, and I'll probably go back and marine varnish the kitchen just to be safe, but it looks so light and clean! I went with a good thick mm as well, and I love how it gives due to the padding.

I wanted to refinish the original floors, but finally admitted defeat.

Meg said...

That is too funny, I saw this post the other day and I swear my knees and hands started aching :D Thanks for your comment, the floors feel so good underfoot, it's the first time we've been able to go up there and walk around without slippers or shoes on. This week I'm cleaning out my basement so I can have a garage sale, more moolah for projects!! :D

Life in Rehab said...

I know there's a garage sale in my future every time I glance out at the pod in the yard. I am NOT bringing all that stuff back in!