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Monday, February 24, 2014

How's That Resolution Coming Along?

 Those of you who are new to LIR might not know it,
but this was me 3 years ago.
220 pounds and a size 24, I was eating my way into the hospital.
My doctor wasn't sure I'd live to go home.
After that, with the shape I was in, he gave me two years.
Obviously, it was time to get busy.
 Since "death" is kind of permanent,
 my diet changed, I stopped drinking,
 and I walked EVERYWHERE.
90 pounds later, I slipped into a size 8 for the first time in my life.
You can do this.
I broke out the weight loss motivation and 12 pounds are gone!
It really does help to visualize your progress, and each time you move a marble,
it's its own small reward.
I'm not done yet, of course.
Because I'd rather look like this.
(NOTE: I'm not a weight loss guru or expert.
I'm a middle aged mother who cut down on alcohol and fat and started exercising more, period.
 Consult a doctor before starting any weight loss program.
Set realistic goals not based on super models,
and remember, you are gorgeous at any weight.
Work it, Girl.)
Fortunately for me, I have a best friend.
The kind you can text at 3:00 AM just because you're awake.
Meet my BFF, Michael, from Diabetes Done Right.
He too got the news that some drastic changes were in order,
and now he's blogging daily recipes to shave off sugar, fat, and cholesterol.
It's working, too, because he's 14 pounds lighter himself in just a few weeks!
Having someone you can call for encouragement helps a lot.

Now stay tuned, because I have two projects underway 
for the Male Minion Man Caves!
 Samwow needs a coffee table, and this curbside oversized 
end table should be just right for his small space.
Thom's in need of a mirror, and this castoff just needs a little love
to be perfect.
With the kids coming home this weekend, I need to get busy!


Joy said...

Wow, oh Wow girl, you look great. Didn't know about the previous you. Good job for taking care of yourself. You are inspiring!

Michael said...

Looking great, Sunny!!! Thanks for the plug, too :-) I'm really enjoying my cooking blog and meeting new people who are frustrated when faced with food limitations.

Keep up the great work, girl!

Unknown said...

Great post, and good on ya! I'm also facing down some needed dietary changes...just realized yesterday that yeah, the "festive holiday padding" isn't, uh, just going away. (Also, I can't keep ignoring the fact that I'm hypoglycemic.) Will def. check out Michael's blog. Have a great week, and enjoy your weekend with the Minions! :)

- Heather, The Real Leopardstripes