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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Best of The Festooned Felines

Welcome to December!
Those of you familiar with our insanity know how we roll near the 25th...
with The 12 Days of Catmas!
We thought we'd start a little early by helping you with your 
cheap and easy gift giving with
The Best of The Festooned Felines.
Join us, and get some crafting knocked out early!

Ever wonder just HOW we get those fabulous Festive Feline Overlord photos?

Take the first ever peek into the high-energy mayhem that
comprises a Life in Rehab Cats in Costume Calamity!
And then let's get into The Twelfth Day of Catmas!

So, Aunt Sadie and Uncle Milton suddenly became a stop on your agenda
today because Cousin Beatrice insists you stop over for her famous sauerkraut 
balls and special holiday venison punch.
You can't say no, unfortunately, as little Cousin Bertha will be yodeling
her rendition of The Hallelujah Chorus for the whole family.
And because Cousin Bertram always knits your family his fancy matching fiber optic 
solar powered reindeer sweaters, you also can't go empty handed.
Last minute gifts that look like you gave it at least a little thought are several things:

1. A pain in the posterior
2. Expensive
3. Difficult to obtain
4. Impossible to make yourself
5. Non-existent
6. Thank God, none of the above

Relax, Besties, we've got you on this one.
Come down off the ledge.

All you need to have a custom, thoughtful, homemade gift done in a jiffy
is SOME knowledge of your intended victim recipient!  While you're out stocking up on Tums and Pepto Bismal in anticipation of your visit, decide what you're going to do with
the following project and grab the appropriate picture frames.
These can be done as individual gifts, or slapped into a multi-frame with 5 openings 
as a family collage for Sadie, Milton, Beatrice, Bertram and Bertha.
You'll need to know their birthdays and perhaps their interests.
But last July, you were invited to Bertram's 32nd birthday where
he lured you into the bounce house for a Samurai sword demonstration,
 so you have that covered.
You'll also need ink for that printer of yours, and paper would be swell.

We're going to put together an Astrology gift that will have the appreciation
of even those folks who think the whole concept is a load
of rich creamery butter.

This is also a fun gift for grandparents, teens, newlyweds,
 soon-to-be-graduates and new parents!
Basically, anyone with a birthday and a sense of humor.
We'll use my bunch as guinea pigs...

Sunny~ Capricorn
Sam~ Gemini
Samwow~ Leo
Thom~ Aries
Savannah~ Virgo

For the recent graduate or workaholic:

  Know someone with anger issues?

Got a chef on the list?
Or maybe just someone known for his bottomless pit appetite?


Warn people about THAT family...


 Don't feel like going out on limb?

 Show them that how matter how obscure the trait,
you GET them:

 Need the perfect gift for that Halloween-obsessed bunch,
like, oh, say...The Kenwards:

Or go for the seemingly "classic" description:

Each category is already color coordinated!
Consider a collage of all the attributes for just one special person.
The site is Astonishingly Accurate Astrology, and they have even more
than I've shown you!
Click, download, print, arrange, wrap, and they'll never know you weren't prepared.
Just don't take ours too seriously.
I find that villagers carrying pitchforks and torches are Hell on my lawn.

Happy Christmas Eve from THAT family 
at Life in Rehab!

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