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Monday, September 28, 2009

Coffee Can Collection

We all have one: that "spot" where nothing seems to work. Mine was self inflicted. I decided I needed a shelf floating high above the mirror in my dining room. Awesome concept, since this house is majorly deficient in the storage area, but the shelf didn't command attention nor work as a display area due to its height.

Sam is a caffeine addict, so we always have coffee cans being emptied out. I'm not good at throwing them away, so we soon had three, and that gave me an idea.

First, I spray painted them Spa Blue. I gave them three coats and let them dry. Next, I crumpled up several sheets of newspaper into loose balls and stuffed each can fairly firmly. The silk flowers were already hanging around my house waiting for a new purpose in life, which they found when I tucked them in the cans and fluffed them up (They were originally from Michael's and ran me $1.50 per stem for 6). Voila!

The Budget News:

Coffee cans $FREE
Paint $3.50
Totally Cool Receipt: $3.50

I could change this seasonally as well. And the Hubster had the suggestion of Mod Podging some fruit crate labels on the cans. If I do, I'll share the results.


Cyril said...

They are quite lovely.

You are an amazingly resilient and positive person.


Life in Rehab said...

Why thank you, Cyril! Hey, when something happens, always ask yourself: is this going to matter in 5 years? Now pass me the spray paint...