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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Armoire Reveal

 So, back at the new house, things are progressing nicely.
 Those doorways we created will soon have doors.
 Peter already has one in, because, you know, a door on a bathroom is a GOOD thing.
 But back at my house, the room behind this weird looking chick...
...looked like this.
We needed a new footprint.
 The bed did a 180, the big white dresser went on a 90 degree journey,
and the rest of the furniture got  new homes.
 Believe it or not, THIS is progress.
 So is this.
 Might not look that way, but it is.
 To get the armoire up my vintage staircase, EVERYTHING had to be removed.
 We cut through wood glue seals, took out dozens and dozens of screws,
carefully putting them in a small sealed food container for safe keeping,
which was subsequently dumped on the landing.
Of course.
 Finally though, my big muscly piece was in my bedroom.
 I shall call him David Boreanaz, and he shall never leave...
mostly because the Minions refuse to do this again, even in reverse.

 Assembly began.
 Or rather, reassembly.
The drawers went back in, and the top shelf was added.

 The pediment top and back went on next.
 Now, how do we take this from a TV cabinet to a hard working
dressing spot?
 First, let's add a second shelf.
I want this more narrow, and recessed, so let's measure along the existing support holes.
which are positioned to hold an 18 inch deep shelf, and mark the wood for a hole that will
hit 2" in from the edge of a 12" deep shelf.
 Mark in pencil, and measure again.
 Compare your bits against your hardware, and choose a drill bit slightly SMALLER
than the support hardware you'll be using.
Get a visual on how far in you'll need to penetrate, and drill.
 Pop in your shiny new support hardware.
 These are available at any hardware store, and even IKEA, for less than $1.50 for 6.
 I set the new shelf, 48" precut for $5.99 at Home Depot, all the way back.

 These fabric bins from Target, 2 for $10.99, were a perfect fit.

 Now what?
 How about a nice full length mirror from Walmart?
Framed in silver buffed molding, this lightweight piece is fairly flat,
has a little bit more style than the usual dorm mirror, and rang up at $11.99.
 We're going to use 3M Command Strips to install it.
This package will hold 16 pounds, about 4 times the weight of the mirror.
and they're removable.
Me and my commitment issues.
 Take two strips out.
 Separate them.

Squish the fuzzy sides together until they stip making a crinkly sound.
Now wipe down all surfaces these will touch with isopropyl alcohol ONLY.
Put the Windex away, Besties.
 Peel ONE side off.
 Press them on the back of the mirror...
 ...positioned like this.
 Peel off the other side of the paper to expose the adhesive...
 ...and stick that sucker up!
Use a level to position the top, then just press!
How easy is that?
How's my hair?

 Now, I love this stuff.
 Take a little of it out and stretch it until it's warm, then put a nickle size dot behind
the bottom of any frame you're hanging.
It. Will. Not. Move.
 On the other door, I measured down to just UNDER the 18" deep shelf.
With the second shelf recessed, I can hang my hair dryer, jewelry, whatever.
 {Drunken octopus wants to fight you}

 While Minion Number One, Samwow, puts the doors back on...
 ...what say we do something about this lackluster hardware?
 I found these at Target, 4 for $9.99.
The crystal drops are acrylic.
And...well...I like my jewelry to sparkle.
 Now for the finishing touches.
A crystal jar keeps all my brushes and combs nearby,
folded quilts are at the ready for chilly nights or teenagers flopping at the house,
and my hair dryer on a long cord gives me the room to tame this mess of red.
 A little light fro IKEA in Cherry Blossom means you can find things in the dark
without waking anyone else in the room.
 Covered boxes corral things so there's less clutter.
 All neatly hidden behind closed doors.
What did this refurb run?
Armoire: $125 at Salvation Army
Mirror: $12
Pulls, including the new knobs on the doors $27
Bins: $22
Shelf: $6
Hardware and 3M Strips: $7.50
Light: $5
Final Receipt: $204.50!
I'm okay with that...
Unless you make me throw in the Aspercream as an expense.


Michelle L. said...

Amazing rehab, Sunny! It is so practical and organized! Looove the crystal drawer pulls, plastic is the new crystal.

Heather Rodman said...

Very nice! I'll have to bear this one in mind, the next time I need "new" furniture!

Gail said...

You did an amazing job, Sunny! I must say you are looking pretty good in your pictures! The weight lost looks fabulous and so do you!

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

OMG...this may be one of my favorite makeovers ever! Totally awesome!