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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let Me Give You the Skinny

Okay, people, the new size 10 me has been around for a year! 
(And before I start this little diatribe, please note:
I looked pretty happy at all weights in my life.
Thin does not mean gorgeous.
No matter what size you are buying,
you are powerful and fierce!)
March 2011, at a friend's wedding...
Size 24, 220 pounds.
My husband had me by 20 pounds.
I could borrow his shorts.
 I'm 5'7", he's 6'3".
My math needed a tweak.
By her first anniversary party, no one recognized me
Lifestyle changes and a few rewards shaved off 85 pounds at age 51.
This was my favorite visual aid, and it still gets used,
like after the call of the wild baklava this last weekend was too loud to ignore!
 I prefer facing 52 like this.
 I've had some email requests with all those New Year's resolutions still fresh
on how I made this woman leave my house for good.
(Side note: Savannah went from a 15 to an 11 in the last few months,
and is still gym-ratting with her Dad.)
 Putting down my wine glass helped.
Did you realize a standard 6oz glass of chardonnay has 175 calories?
Who the hell drinks six ounces?
My glasses held 10 ounces, times 3 *cough* glasses,
and before you know it...
900 calories!!!
...or more. Just sayin'...
You could easily drink a good portion of the calories you're allowed in a day. 
That goes for any other alcohol, and read the soda bottle while you're at it.
Crystal Light and I have become chummy.
They also have cocktail flavors on the shelf!
I can easily do a 5 calorie virgin mojito with zero guilt.
Bloody Marys are a favorite brunch indulgence, so I simply skip the vodka,
use V-8, and make it into a bonus veggie for the day. 
And non-alcoholic champagne was the base for some pretty tasty mimosas
over the holidays, at only 60 calories.
I can be a little bad, right? 
I hate the gym, so instead, if the store is within three miles, and I'm not getting lumber,
the shopping cart and I head off at a BRISK pace.
No lolligagging, girls!
Add some ankle and wrist weights so you look like a total dork, and most teenagers
will even grant you a slice of precious solitude...
not The Minions, mind you...
...but in reality, I probably boost their cool cred.
 Food, however, is the big thing.
Tomorrow, I'd like to share four of my favorite soup recipes,
all with a bite taken out of their bottom line, that you can make simultaneously
and freeze ahead if you like!
One meaty chili, and three vegetarian soups, with one of those being actually vegan,
should make everyone in the house happy.
Because I'm a new convert to the fact that my love of these...
...should not make me and my mirror break up.
Yesterday, February 19, 2013, 145 pounds.
Where's my Pounds to Lose Jar???
*Damned baklava*

NOTE: I'm not a weight loss guru or expert.
I'm a wife and mother who cut down on alcohol and fat and started exercising more, period.
 Consult a doctor before starting any weight loss program.
Set realistic goals not based on super models,
and remember, you are gorgeous at any weight.
Work it, Girl.


Unknown said...

Very nice post, and congratulations! Your observation regarding liquid calories is dead-on- I quit drinking soda, and dropped 30 lbs. in a little under 4 months. That was the ONLY change. Six Dr. Peppers a day (or the lack thereof) will do that!
Again, congrats- that's an amazing transformation!

Sherri B. said...

Congratulations on all of that weight loss and keeping it off...You look Great!!! xo

Heidi said...

Way to go Sunny!!!! Congrats. . .you look maaa-vaa-lus!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Absolutely fabulous job, Sunny. I'm so proud of you. That's a year of fantastic habits now worth a life time of fantastic habits. Woo hoo!

Dharma said...

Way to go Sunny! I agree you are a beauty at any weight. I have done almost the exact same thing since last August. No drinky-poos for me, less fat and more fabulous. Gym, water and walk. Rinse and repeat. I am down 57 lbs from an 18 to a 9. I'm a tad taller than you (5 foot 9) and am now a whopping 180 (down from 237) last summer. I guess it really is true...nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!! I have 15 lbs to go and I likey the looks of those jars lady...motivational you are.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You look SO good and younger too !!! Great job Sunny! Waiting on those recipes....

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Great post with some wonderful common sence ideas. By the way...You look marvelous!

Anonymous said...
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Vonda said...

Awesome job Sunny! You look great.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You are so amazing in so many ways!