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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black and White Event

Chaos is when the swirling events of your life are spinning out of control.
 Chaos is a tornado, with your house whirling aloft, you can't find anything to hold onto,
 and then the house sharply plummets hundreds of feet and you miraculously escape unharmed.
Only to find out the house landed on your Aunt Becky.
And she had pie with her.
And the house got the pie too.
This has been my last couple of weeks.

Add to this...I have a house guest coming.
Samwow's girlfriend of two years arrives Saturday for a WEEK.
I have to carve out guest space, make the house look decent, and get
her birthday present done too.

Before the Renaissance Festival Sunday. 
Are any of you guys free?
One thing at a time, though.
 The last of the frillier things needed to go, and nature was awaiting the Welcome mat.
 Clean cylinders, black river rock, some interesting shells,
and white candles were stark, like Winter vacation.
 Simple colors, and they don't immediately draw the eye.
 Along with the rustic antique steamer trunk coffee table,
there's almost a well-worn calm.
 Light them up, and the white, peppermint candles add a fresh, soothing
dash of flicker.
Nothing glitzy, just a little tranquility, and the reminder that warm weather is on its way.
I know I'm tired of these freezing 60 degree temperatures, aren't you?

I'm losing volunteers for help fast, aren't I?


Michelle L. said...

Lovely!!! One of your prettiest, Sunny. I'm terribly sorry about Aunt Becky. And the most important question I'm sure we all have: what kind of pie?

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

These are lovely! I always love it when you do beachy stuff!