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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Progress at Home

 You're looking at my existing Home Office.
It's a wonder I get anything done.
My electronics are attached to the world of power by an octopus of wires that make even me nervous.
Do not tell any electricians in your life of this transgression.
This little slice of creativity is situated obviously on my bed,
in my bedroom,
which is in high gear in the redecorating department.
I've been tweaking it for at least 15 minutes per day, every day,
so that no matter what other chaos (I do not use the term loosely)
befalls me that day, I can walk in here, shut the door, and ignore the rest of the planet.
The colors in this room are blues and white.
Most of you know that instead of a traditional neutral, I went with denim blue
as the base color for the whole house.
My decision was simple: I wanted the feel of comfort, like your favorite jeans.
Not to mention, like your jeans, it goes with everything.
New pieces for the bed:
1. A ridiculously high end California King comforter from Target.
Originally $175 online, it had been returned to the store, then haunted the back end caps for months,
eventually losing its price tag. I negotiated it down to $17.49.
Yes, I'm evil.
2. Two fuzzy, fluffy faux New Zealand Lamb pillows from Dollar General, $10 each.
I keep telling you guys to go in there.
3. Subway Art Summer Pillow from Home Depot, $12
It's a patio pillow, people.

The wall above the bed has yet to be arranged.
I'll get to it.
 The armoire we refitted for all our staging needs now sports my collection
of White Bird Imprisonment.
No birds were detained in the making of this vignette.
 The media piers that go with our entertainment cabinet are packed with 
decorating books, project books, and strange little cardboard suitcases.
I hide little gifts for future giving there.
Tell no one.
My cast off dresser and refurbished orphaned mirror work nicely together under 
a window, letting in the breeze but sparing the neighbors from the fact that I am at times naked.
I'm assuming this works, since I haven't received any threats or irate letters.
To the left is my space for scarves, belts, and hair accessories that I'm really too old
to wear and should have the grace and dignity to discard, but won't.
If I wanna put a silk orchid in my hair, I'm gonna, so there.
 I hung a girlie chandelier over this area.
I tell people I like the sparkle.
The truth is, I can't see a damned thing without it.
 My daughter has discarded a few things in her room, and they are housed here.
If these become permanent residents, they'll get a coat of spray paint
and ribbon handles.
I've cleaned out all the tiny plastic hamsters and kitties though.
 On the TV cabinet, it may look peaceful,
but those hat boxes (an early redo project) and porcelain jars hide an awful lot of stuff,
from cards from our wedding to baby teeth (why do we save those anyway?
Isn't it kind of macabre?) to Christmas decorations for the bedroom.
No money though.
Trust me, I checked.
 Near the closets, a rescued curbside chair painted apple green shows off the
quilt my grandmother made my parents as a wedding gift.
 This is a good spot to plop and read, put on shoes,
or pile all of those annoying pillows I litter the bed with that have no real purpose.
 This frilly little nook hides earrings, statement necklaces, bangle bracelets,
and smaller hair accessories.
Evidently, red hair needs excessive taming.
 Walmart, Christmas, $1.49.
My husband finds it very manly.
 More avian imprisonment: a hand knitted nest under glass.
Our new rug is a nice, low pile for a touch of softness under foot.
It's already a watery gray, so Arwen doesn't have to work as hard to give it a dingy color,
and I loved the bold floral.
IKEA, $20.
G'head, dog, do your worst.
The big thing I don't quite have under control is the air freshening system.
Annoyingly flatulent cat who insists on sleeping in our room:
Free to a Good Home.

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